EPISODE130 - Pounding the Pavement With Your Love

Listen to my heart slam — it's a hologram jam!

Logan*: You'r clock is off....when you said 1 min 43 sec I was in the chat room bwahahaha

The Big Leneski: it's because we have secret talkshoe powers!

BlueDahlia: ^^

BlueDahlia: Hi Hi

mistyquiet: I love what?

BlueDahlia: >_<

mistyquiet: This is why I usually ignore what people say right when I drop in..

BlueDahlia: LOL!

BlueDahlia: Fix me one!

The Big Leneski: you like Vegemite?

SonofRowsdower: Man, it's been a long time.

The Big Leneski: Corban!

SonofRowsdower: Betty White's: Off Their Rockers is on the tube.

BlueDahlia: Don't worry. We have phoenix downs for that.

BlueDahlia: Yep

blissful_kaos: I am here!

blissful_kaos: Sorta!

BlueDahlia: >_<

BlueDahlia: Rendered speechless.

blissful_kaos: I've got the voip thing here but strangely cannot figure out how the fuck to get on...

BlueDahlia: NO. It's a lie.

SonofRowsdower: Nice.

blissful_kaos: Please don't include me.

The Big Leneski: Squid/Bee and Leneski/Baily.

blissful_kaos: No Leneski/Baily...

blissful_kaos: That ship has sailed, sir.

blissful_kaos: How does I call on blink? :-D

SonofRowsdower: Urotsukidoj-inevra.

blissful_kaos: Nope.

blissful_kaos: Because I suck.

blissful_kaos: I keep plugging in the Voip and it's not working. :(

The SquidLord: 123@

Logan*: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

DPrime: And I come in to hear Alex repeatedly saying "Fap"

Logan*: in honor of our friedn the wendigo

DPrime: My night is apparently complete now.

DPrime: Dun dun dun

DPrime: Oh god

blissful_kaos: Mute me?

SonofRowsdower: That's over nine thousand, by the way.

blissful_kaos: For all of 15 seconds?

blissful_kaos: And I'm good.


blissful_kaos: Craaaaaazy chat logs!

The Big Leneski: Crazy chat is crazy

SonofRowsdower: You're missing all of it.

Ginevra: *fap* chatlogs *fap*

The Big Leneski: fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

The Big Leneski: don't use shoephone

The Big Leneski: shoephone is shit.


SonofRowsdower: JOIN US.

Semiapies: 123@

blissful_kaos: Don't fap in your shoephone.

blissful_kaos: It makes your shoes stiff.

Ginevra: Oops. Too late.

The Big Leneski: I use x-lite

The Big Leneski:

SonofRowsdower: squid-roulette

SonofRowsdower: ???

blissful_kaos: Joisey!

blissful_kaos: I thought we couldn't mention either

Logan*: "and with that"

BlueDahlia: Back.Comp's being an ass.

Semiapies: *facepalms* You crossed the streams there, Bail.

SonofRowsdower: Oh, dear.


blissful_kaos: Lecherous!

blissful_kaos: Beer!

blissful_kaos: I want a lecherous beer, but no grip.

BlueDahlia: Lies!

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski: no, I am really interviewing Caitlin Glass :D

blissful_kaos: You can talk, we just don't advocate it!

SonofRowsdower: Building another Crow T. Robot tomorrow.


The Big Leneski:


The Big Leneski: Ccccrooooowwwwww (that's one O)

blissful_kaos: I've taken off my pants several times today.

Logan*: no "the" in the website.....


The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski: fixed :D

Logan*: :D

Logan*: yea for PIElady

PieLady: Woohoo! Excite!

sabradell: brb.. shoephone is being a bitch

Logan*: is Eric eating the mic again?

blissful_kaos: Remember: does not exist

The Big Leneski: he is

SonofRowsdower: Warning: no Sherlock E3 spoilers, please.

The Big Leneski: Eric, stop eating the mic!

The Big Leneski: STUFF HAPPENS

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord: Bwah, I fail at links forever.

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski: bah me too

The SquidLord: I will not spoil Sherlock; I love it too much.

The Big Leneski:


The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski: Double the trailer links

Logan*: tasty mic

sabradell: Pickles are important..

SonofRowsdower: Going out for a smoke... I'll be back

The Big Leneski: Mmm pickles!

Ginevra: Pickles are absolutely necessary to surviving an alien apocalypse.

Logan*: were the things.....killer pickles??

Ginevra: No. They were harvesting human organs for the purpose of pickling.

The Big Leneski: no, Killer Tofu!

The Big Leneski:

sabradell: Tofurkey?

Ginevra: *fap*

The Big Leneski: just the song, sadly.

The SquidLord:

The Big Leneski:

sabradell: zombie bills?

The Big Leneski:


The Big Leneski:

sabradell: yeppers...waiting patiently for it. (I was not dead)



sabradell: Parady and satire would be torpedoed.


blissful_kaos: Also known as you suck, we hate you, and we're shutting you down.

The Big Leneski:

blissful_kaos: Almost as accomplished as I am.

sabradell: *Have* to?

SonofRowsdower: Yeah, that was good.

The Big Leneski:

sabradell: *crickets*

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:

sabradell: If he was rich it becomes eccentric

The Big Leneski:


sabradell: places I go in other words

blissful_kaos: I love you,

SonofRowsdower: Whoa... '89?

The Big Leneski:

blissful_kaos: Me ruv rong time.


SonofRowsdower: Were there any SNES cartridges in the glove box?

Logan*: now I want to know if something like this can happen to other sites like Cloud or dropbox?

blissful_kaos: I've got really really bad lag, just lettin' y'all know, so if I stop being amused.

Ginevra: I'm having some bad choppiness here

KibaYoukai: No lag or choppiness here.

The Big Leneski: I'm good here

sabradell: As always

SonofRowsdower: Sounds good to me.

Ginevra: Shoephone?

The Big Leneski:

blissful_kaos: Mute me, Alex. Quickly.

sabradell: It's what I am problems here

blissful_kaos: It's about to get loud here.


The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:

SonofRowsdower: LOIC isn't hacking, by the way.

sabradell: gusto guns! viva mexico!

Semiapies: It's a DDOS.

SonofRowsdower: Yep.

blissful_kaos: I can be unmuted.

SonofRowsdower: But... but... OMFG "Hacking" = Script Kiddie shenanigans.

blissful_kaos: Father-in-law has stopped asking questions about "shoetalk"

SonofRowsdower: Ha ha.

SonofRowsdower: Push the button.

Semiapies: It always has.

SonofRowsdower: Over 9,000

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:

SonofRowsdower: I thought this was about the Chinese slaves.

sabradell: Weird stuuf does not mean your penis

The Big Leneski:

blissful_kaos: Yam jam.

The Big Leneski:

SonofRowsdower: Have you pooped it yet?

SonofRowsdower: That's the question.

Semiapies: It

Semiapies: It's not a Hologram Jam.


sabradell: Apple butter type?

sabradell: Or vegemite type texture?

SonofRowsdower: Jam... Jam... is truly outrageous... OUTRAGEOUS...

SonofRowsdower: Jam is my name.

sabradell: I kinda wanna try it...

The Big Leneski: It's pretty good

The Big Leneski:

sabradell: H Mart? I live kinda close to one now...

The Big Leneski:

SonofRowsdower: It's like Anthony Hopkins and bears, right? Right?

SonofRowsdower: Remember that...?

The Big Leneski:

SonofRowsdower: Wolves don't ski.

The Big Leneski: THE BEAR!

The Big Leneski:

sabradell: I love sushi

SonofRowsdower: Megalodon?

SonofRowsdower: gasp

SonofRowsdower: Fuck you, dad.

sabradell: Taku?

Ginevra: hurt/comfort Squid?

The Big Leneski:

Ginevra: *slurp*

sabradell: sexual tension?

blissful_kaos: sabra, it's not sexual tension... but... we can dream

SonofRowsdower: I love you, dad.

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:

SonofRowsdower: Gah. Hasbro is god.

SonofRowsdower: Yep.

sabradell: Yay cobra!

SonofRowsdower: No bailing with parachutes.

blissful_kaos: Just like family guy said, you know what makes a great terrorist organization? Brand recognition.

sabradell: LOL

The Big Leneski:

SonofRowsdower: Me too.

SonofRowsdower: Weather Dominator, bitches.

The Big Leneski:

Ginevra: Isn't it funny that all the dudes sound like they're fapping over GI Joe? Can't get excited over Ken dolls.

blissful_kaos: They got me a little excited, too...


blissful_kaos: GASP!

The Big Leneski:

Ginevra: *blink*

sabradell: a M. Night Shamalan film?

SonofRowsdower: Snow Beast, with John Schneider, is on See-Fee right now; all of your arguments are invalid.

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:

Semiapies: Lyle Blackburn interview - talking to us while downing tequila.

sabradell: Does cocaine go bad? Hmmm....


blissful_kaos: Goodnight!

SonofRowsdower: It's the coke.

blissful_kaos: I've got to bounce.

SonofRowsdower: I did it to you all.

SonofRowsdower: What, no Manos?

SonofRowsdower: Dammit.

blissful_kaos: No Manos.

SonofRowsdower: Fuck.

sabradell: Glad you're back.. but Saturdays are the suck.

The Big Leneski:

sabradell: So who wants to go pup crawling now?

SonofRowsdower: Sounds like fun.

sabradell: *pub

The Big Leneski: Man, it's much better now that we use Posterous versus Livejournal

sabradell: Really *need* a decent mic. Bwtween this and speech to text.. yeah

Semiapies: It is.

The Big Leneski:

SonofRowsdower: Great show, guys.

Semiapies: Do we _have_ any affiliated organizations?

The SquidLord: Danke!

The SquidLord: [does his little chair dance]

The Big Leneski: I'm technically affiliated with WUOG.

Semiapies: Thanks!

The SquidLord: TMO is technically affiliated. Kinda.

Semiapies: Does WUOG have ninjas we can borrow?

The Big Leneski: No :(

The Big Leneski: speaking of I need a page for my morning show. I need to get on that.

Semiapies: :(

SonofRowsdower: WeUrinateOnGaijin

The Big Leneski: Thursday Mornings, 8am EST over at WUOG 90.5 Athens online at

KibaYoukai: Not really.

KibaYoukai: It depends on what it's cut with

SonofRowsdower: 10 year old acid, I have.

SonofRowsdower: Wait, no I don't.

sabradell: Does LSD go bad?

The Big Leneski:

SonofRowsdower: Sugar cubes.

SonofRowsdower: Yep.

SonofRowsdower: Oh, wow.

SonofRowsdower: 1.5

sabradell: Never tried it...

SonofRowsdower: Jesus.

sabradell: c-ya

SonofRowsdower: Here's the Servo work:


The Big Leneski:

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