EPISODE131 - Living Just Barely Prior to Midnight

We're just regular folks who want to get a head.

Logan*: Hi Master Flick

The Big Leneski: Flick!

The Big Leneski: Letcherous Beer Gripping!

flickguy: Found the mute!

blissful_kaos: Yeah...

blissful_kaos: It's actually blink that's fucked up, atm.

blissful_kaos: Skype won't let me call... weird.

flickguy: I'm excited I figured out how to do Blink.

The Big Leneski: oh that's true

Koolguy: bored outta my mind x10000

flickguy: Evil cackling abounds.

Koolguy: and nothin I do helps

Koolguy: the only fun I have is school anymore

Semiapies: Who's doing the link-dropping? Me?

Semiapies: Nooooo!

blissful_kaos: I'm dropping Eric's sexy links.

Koolguy: I'm feelin some Sweet Emotion right about now

Koolguy: or maybe it's koolguy and his rockauthority

The Big Leneski: Blink:

The Big Leneski: 123@

Koolguy: i wish i had something like that...

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski: it's cause he's batman

Koolguy: i cool sounding slogan

Koolguy: yea...i got that

The Big Leneski:

flickguy: I'm afraid of you.

Koolguy: wow

The Big Leneski: Google+: +Operation BSU

The Big Leneski:

Koolguy: bow-chickabow wow

flickguy: And ever the twain shall meet

The Big Leneski: 724 444 7444

Koolguy: FTW! chicks ftw!

The Big Leneski: 33899

The Big Leneski: 1# to join as a guest!

Koolguy: arrrrweeee

Koolguy: this is offically the best damn show

The Big Leneski:

Semiapies: Mic not working?

Koolguy: sex toys ftw!

blissful_kaos: No, we can't hear you... now we can!

Koolguy: sweetness

Koolguy: downstairs for me

blissful_kaos: If we come entirely too early... ginevra won't be happy we visited.

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski: yay!


The Big Leneski: my chrome has crashed!

The Big Leneski: oh shi-!

blissful_kaos: My chrome has crashed like eight times today!

The Big Leneski: ok I'm good now

Logan*: Squisd is corrupting England now

flickguy: I'm glad not to hear Talkshoe Messenger -- it's a spambot anyway.


blissful_kaos: Koolguy has left us!

The SquidLord: Stuff!

Logan*: and dave, I am now recording Graham Norton since Liam and Patrick are on Sat here

blissful_kaos: Stuff, things, and items!

The SquidLord: And the like!


Scottishpearl: b/c people get drunk and piss on others in those stadiums!

The SquidLord: I'd ... kind of like to see that.

blissful_kaos: I don't know what sort of sports events you've been going to, Scottishpearl.

Scottishpearl: lol

blissful_kaos: but I'd like to know, please.

flickguy: There are porn sites for that.

The SquidLord: With soccer?

flickguy: Yes.



Scottishpearl: they want to attract quality drinkers, not college kids

Scottishpearl: but not as good


The SquidLord: Do you get the cardboard crown with your wine at BK?


Scottishpearl: yes, and that's all you're allowed to wear



daveac: He should have used Minecraft :-)

Scottishpearl: i liked voyager


Koolguy: i'm back, and I have a bud light lime with me

Koolguy: for real

Scottishpearl: uhoh koolguy is drinking


Koolguy: It's only my 1st one

Koolguy: though I can have 2 each weekend

Koolguy: Lol




Koolguy: downloading Xlite 3 for linux









blissful_kaos: Win here, win there, winwin everywhere.




The SquidLord: I love it when evil ghosts attack me! I dig the dark bedraggled hair.

Scottishpearl: lol



Koolguy: sorry about that, had to plugin my power adapter for my laptop


Koolguy: this is also funny, uncle ruckus video

Koolguy: it is f-ing funny

Koolguy: uncle ruckus calls a black guy guilty

Semiapies: Sequence!

Semiapies: Is!

The Big Leneski:

Semiapies: Important!

Semiapies: Very!

The Big Leneski: do you have you screaming no as a bump Alex?

Koolguy: yikes

Koolguy: cool!

Koolguy: that sounds really disturbing


Koolguy: I have some news, I am drinking my 2nd bud light lime in my life

daveac: dropping off guys - goodnight all



daveac: bye

blissful_kaos: Good night, dave!

Koolguy: but I am saving the opening of the can for my turn on the Mic

The Big Leneski: is this a BSU story or what?

The Big Leneski:

blissful_kaos: That's a pretty old article...

Scottishpearl: well in some countries when they have the ultrasound and learn it is a girl, they abort, which is not a nice reason to abort

Semiapies: And not terribly relevant.

Semiapies: No, it isn't, Scottishpearl. But it's different from forcing a mother to abort or killing born children.


Koolguy: just the thought of sex in my head.....oh joy

Koolguy: it is not a good scenario, just a fair warnin

blissful_kaos: The rest of us who have lives and are not attached to the wrasslin' on TV...

blissful_kaos: do not know who Al Snow is.

The SquidLord:

Koolguy: I do not watch wrestling I'd rather go for sex flicks

Koolguy: more my style

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

Koolguy: sounds like a worthy movie

Koolguy: we should

Koolguy: I am so going


Koolguy: this is fuckin insane

Koolguy: too damn funny

The Big Leneski:

blissful_kaos: Let's fuck some turtles up.


The Big Leneski:

Koolguy: Total nothin

The Big Leneski:

Semiapies: Original Super Mario Crossover:

The Big Leneski: that other link is not right at all

Semiapies: Extra-Crispy:


Semiapies: Go for extra crispy.

Koolguy: cool

Koolguy: epic music too

The SquidLord: The blog has turned into our baby. Eric has made logs awesome.

Koolguy: Cool

Semiapies: Thank you.

Koolguy: yep

Koolguy: This music is kickin ass officially

Ginevra: Like this tune

The SquidLord: I'm hoping to refine the awesomeness further, but it's exceeding expectation.

Koolguy: rocks

Koolguy: like the words

Koolguy: I vote yes

Koolguy: If I am allowed?

Koolguy: I added it

Koolguy: and I added Alex too

Koolguy: OK alex, just add me then

blissful_kaos: Good night!

Koolguy: thats me

Koolguy: just send the invite to the hangout i guess

Koolguy: see you all there

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