EPISODE134 - Carbon and Zeerust!

I'll take you for a ride down the mindway, baby.

Logan*: can you hear me?

The SquidLord: Nope, and I'm not showing output. Sec.

Logan*: your audio died out at the 42 minute mark

Logan*: reconnecting

sabradell: Heroin?


EPISODE133 - You've Got At Least One More Thing Coming!

In my bed as I lie undead, making love to the snake inside my head...

(Or maybe the bear, if you're Vladimir Putin.)

The SquidLord: Wait a sec. Can you not hear me?

Logan*: Ginevra, can yhou hear us?

Logan*: or Mike?

Rand al'Thor: yes

Rand al'Thor: and yes I have


EPISODE132 - Free Meal Burning!

You see, I engineered this game.

Nelal Hurcran: Hi TalkShoe Msg!!

Logan*: blah blah blah

Ginevra: HUS

flickguy: Not worth the added expense. For the same price, you can just get Skype out and NOT be limited to Talkshoe.

flickguy: Cheaper, in fact, than the "regular" price.