EPISODE133 - You've Got At Least One More Thing Coming!

In my bed as I lie undead, making love to the snake inside my head...

(Or maybe the bear, if you're Vladimir Putin.)

The SquidLord: Wait a sec. Can you not hear me?

Logan*: Ginevra, can yhou hear us?

Logan*: or Mike?

Rand al'Thor: yes

Rand al'Thor: and yes I have

Rand al'Thor: yes

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski: Knowing what Big Sean says doesn't help

Koolguy: good evenin

Koolguy: lol

Koolguy: that is very odd

Koolguy: I have played TOR everyday for 2 weeks now I think

Koolguy: maybe less, Idk

Koolguy: huh?

Koolguy: I love food, what can I say

Koolguy: well, I do have aspergers

Koolguy: too

Koolguy: which is both a flaw and a plus in certain ways

Koolguy: self muted now

Koolguy: to save squid the trouble

Logan*: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

The Big Leneski: OH NO IT'S BSU TIME

Koolguy: Darn, but saves the background

Koolguy: noise

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski: +Operation BSU

Koolguy: lol

The Big Leneski: Blink:

Koolguy: that's the shit there

The Big Leneski: 123@

AngryBlkChick: Yo, bitches.

Koolguy: Yo

The Big Leneski: Holy crap it's Angry Black Chick!

The Big Leneski: Hey Niki. You're still black!

AngryBlkChick: ...and still fucking sick

The Big Leneski: :(

Koolguy: Squid offically has the best damn show on Talkshoe

Koolguy: honest

Logan*: You say that to all of us. You told me the same thing

AngryBlkChick: aww, no Eric?

The Big Leneski: he'll be here.

Koolguy: well...this group in general has awesome show

Koolguy: status

Koolguy: hard to give anyone just that status

AngryBlkChick: Squids are totally huggable

flickguy: ABC IS HERE! (**HUG HUG**)

The Big Leneski: to you maybe

Koolguy: no one ever says that about me...

Ginevra: We need some Squid plushies

Koolguy: I never get women to say sexy things of me...

Semiapies: ABC!!!!

AngryBlkChick: flickguy yay!!

Ginevra: Awww

AngryBlkChick: Semiapies yay!

flickguy: Missed you, chica!

The Big Leneski: one day Doctor Fishkisser will show back up

Koolguy: makes me feel horrible

AngryBlkChick: missed you bastards so much!

AngryBlkChick: Are ya nekkid?

Koolguy: who?

AngryBlkChick: Yes.

Logan*: nd with that...move on

The Big Leneski: you'll never know!

flickguy: I'm allergic to conquistadors anyway.


The Big Leneski: are you allergic to my beer grip?

AngryBlkChick: No one's allergic to your grip, dahling

flickguy: Only when it's not lecherous.


Koolguy: just what I needed to make my night more fun

AngryBlkChick: Is so jealous!!!

The Big Leneski: It was so fun!

flickguy: I'm groovy, thanks for asking!

The Big Leneski: Doug is really, really nice

flickguy: I loves ya.

Koolguy: oi

AngryBlkChick: love us with your voice, flick!

flickguy: It's full of allergens tonight.

Koolguy: parents....great

AngryBlkChick: aw, fuck it, I'm borrowing a phone..

The Big Leneski: HELL YEAH!

The Big Leneski: Rant with us!

KibaYoukai: Delicious?

Koolguy: Ah there we go

Ginevra: some idiot forgot to click on the shoephone

Koolguy: Girls girls girls

AngryBlkChick: Cent MN is moi

The Big Leneski: I like the Imperial March ice cream van version better than the cycle


Koolguy: Darn, phone just ran outta power

AngryBlkChick: boo!



KibaYoukai: Oww that hurts so bad.

The Big Leneski:

JHuddle: BTW, Thanks for Iron sky trailer cant wait for Space NAZI's !!!!!!

The Big Leneski: Hell yeah!

flickguy: Kevin Costner drops every ball he's thrown.

JHuddle: I watched the trailer like 20 times this week, it keeps getting better

JHuddle: every time i watch it

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:[stripid]=528

Logan*: soooooo....size DOES matter

flickguy: He was eating PICKLES.

The SquidLord:

AngryBlkChick: yup. chicks have been lying the whole time

flickguy: Who peed in the lake?

AngryBlkChick: huskies, duh

JHuddle: need to get my beeer:P

KibaYoukai: Wow, Squid you're horrible.

KibaYoukai: o.o

JHuddle: my soul died when I logged onto join tonights show....

Semiapies: Putin wants llama love.


Ginevra: Warning...My spawn approach.



JHuddle: lama, no squid love

JHuddle: from the host with the most :P

JHuddle: yes, im talking love from squidlord. yes , squid love for vladmir

JHuddle: :P

KibaYoukai: I heard naked and tuned back in, what're we talking about?

AngryBlkChick: naked, of course!

KibaYoukai: Mmm naked, but who is getting naked?

Ginevra: Me

AngryBlkChick: C!arnivale

KibaYoukai: Wait Squid's gettign naked? Interesting. Didn't know Squids wore clothing.

KibaYoukai: o.o

JHuddle: just our host

KibaYoukai: Hahaha you're welcome.

AngryBlkChick: Squid x Putin is my OTP

KibaYoukai: Well you'll have ot ask Mike if I can flash you for beads.

Ginevra: Toss me some beads. Boobs have been deployed

JHuddle: Boooooobbbbbbiiiiieeeeessssssss!!!!!!!!

The Big Leneski: Booooooooooobbbbbbiiiiieeeessss!

JHuddle: Smart man

Logan*: or did he say FIST??

JHuddle: fist, he said fist

JHuddle: want my weed at rape thirty

KibaYoukai: Nah he said Fifth. He won't give Squid permission to see my boobs apparently.



Semiapies: & video?ref=sidebar




JHuddle: neither would I :P but hey whos complaining



Logan*: 5.50 here

The Big Leneski: I'm a computer!

KibaYoukai: Depending on the theater, 7 or 13 bucks here.

The Big Leneski: what's with all the downloadin'

Ginevra: We still have a 1.99 show. Last stop before DVD

The Big Leneski: we do too

KibaYoukai: Lucky! Wish our movies were that cheap anywhere here.

JHuddle: IRON SKY NEEEDs TO BE AT THE TOP !!!!!!!!!!!!

Ginevra: New theaters generally run about $7 to $11 I believe depending on time and discounts


The Big Leneski: It's not out til December.

flickguy: RomCom MINUS the Com.


Semiapies: "The power of Christ!"

Semiapies: (The answer you won't hear on the survey press release.)

flickguy: WOO!

flickguy: Journey 2?

Ginevra: Jar Jar binks needs to be bent over face down in a pile of falafel and fucked in the ass with a pickle by a conquistador!

flickguy: Sequel to Journey of hte Center of the Earth

flickguy: We saw Chronicle this week.

flickguy: I read somewhere that Michelle Rodruguez is going to be in the fifth Resident Evil movie, and I'm really not sure why. Or how.

Ginevra: He needs a lightsaber suppository.

The Big Leneski: yup. Flashbacks.

KibaYoukai: Holy crap just sounds like Squid needs to get laid apparently.

The Big Leneski: By Adele and Ke$ha

AngryBlkChick: mmmm, Adele

KibaYoukai: Hmm...sounds like a good time.


Ginevra: I need me a freakin' chainsaw and a cheerleader outfit.

Semiapies: We may do some trimming of the chat log, at this rate.

The Big Leneski: Agreed




The SquidLord:

KibaYoukai: Oh lord..I mean what girl wouldn't drop their panties at that line Squid?


flickguy: IT WAS SO FLUFFY!

Ginevra: I have young spawn. I make attempts at wholesomess from time to time so they won't murder me in my sleep.

JHuddle: dont worry, wait till they hit puberty , it will happen anyway

The Big Leneski:

Ginevra: Eldest is right there now.

The Big Leneski:

JHuddle: well, youif you survive one , you might survive the rest

The Big Leneski: or my show at 8p Eastern with Sonny Strait!

Ginevra: I'm hoping I won't have to gack one of them one day just to save humanity or some shit.

The Big Leneski: 92532

AngryBlkChick: yay!

The Big Leneski:


The Big Leneski: you love her more than you do me!

AngryBlkChick: everyone loves me!

flickguy: I would deny it, but I'd be lying.

matthewm38: good night

Ginevra: I lurves you.

KibaYoukai: Hmph you're not the only one I owe titties to.

The Big Leneski: Titties for everyone!


Ginevra: I love that song

AngryBlkChick: This was real fun guy, sorry about all the coughing

AngryBlkChick: *guys

matthewm38: so did i

The Big Leneski: A conservative, a liberal, and a moderate walk into bar.

KibaYoukai: I'm worried about talking with you guys in G+

The Big Leneski: The bartender says, "Hey, Mitt!"

flickguy: I don't object.

AngryBlkChick: ..and with that, I'm back to bed, bitches. nainai

The Big Leneski: you should be worried.

JHuddle: i wanna come

flickguy: TMI

KibaYoukai: Okay, that works.

AngryBlkChick: I'm sure you can figure how all by yourself :)

flickguy: LOVE!

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