EPISODE134 - Carbon and Zeerust!

I'll take you for a ride down the mindway, baby.

Logan*: can you hear me?

The SquidLord: Nope, and I'm not showing output. Sec.

Logan*: your audio died out at the 42 minute mark

Logan*: reconnecting

sabradell: Heroin?

sabradell: My mic still sucks

sabradell: Woot woot!

sabradell: Good???

BlueDahlia: Hi HI. Yesh I be in stalking mode. XD

The Big Leneski:

BlueDahlia: POwer ish good. Better if in my hands.

sabradell: ~~I'm too sexy for my squid, too sexy for my squid.. so sexy yeheh!~~

BlueDahlia: ><

sabradell: Old Spice Bounce? Count me out.

BlueDahlia: Snuggles

sabradell: The Snuggles Bear is Pedobear...

The Big Leneski:


BlueDahlia: Sodomy Cycle

sabradell: Please tell me guys that there will be no Whitney tributes.. warn me first

The Big Leneski:

sabradell: *celebrates* No more of that crackhead

The Big Leneski: oh Peter Jackson, what happened to you?

sabradell: Pimento Cheese?

BlueDahlia: 14

BlueDahlia: 13

BlueDahlia: 12

BlueDahlia: 11

The Big Leneski: hm. new intro.

sabradell: I call that Valentines Day

BlueDahlia: Hate Dept. of Labor.

BlueDahlia: V-day wasn't bad at all. It was nice.

The Big Leneski: it was a day

The Big Leneski: I worked :)

The Big Leneski: 20% Cooler

BlueDahlia: I don't count the actual day as V-day.


BlueDahlia: The day after was V-day for me.



The Big Leneski: it's insanity


BlueDahlia: Too late for that.

BlueDahlia: It's beyond repair

BlueDahlia: A few were in Arriety.

StrawberryPie73: just for you babe

sabradell: 7 dirty words?

sabradell: I was right

The Big Leneski:

BlueDahlia: Boobettes

sabradell: Pickle and falafel eating conquisidores are sexy

The Big Leneski:

BlueDahlia: There should be ice cream with the pickles and falafels

Ginevra: Conquistadors are totally sexy. Especially when they wave their pickles around while eating falafel.

The Big Leneski: Oh My!

Semiapies: Pickle - worst homemade sex toy material ever!

BlueDahlia: Click click BOOM!

The Big Leneski:

BlueDahlia: Say that again!

Semiapies: Pickle surprise:

The Big Leneski: My pickle is big!

sabradell: *rage face*

BlueDahlia: That


The Big Leneski: and with that!

The Big Leneski: ID 92532

sabradell: Great great plug :) Just do not do the video game thing tho...

Semiapies: Now on my NetFlix queue. I will force the other members of the show to watch it with me. We WILL review it.


The Big Leneski:

StrawberryPie73: twice

sabradell: Whose breasts have you not seen?

BlueDahlia: Sorry. My boobettes don'

Logan*: mine lol

Ginevra: Mine. I'm a tease.

The Big Leneski: They need to coem out! They have to BREATHE!

BlueDahlia: t come out for just anyone.

The SquidLord: I'm not just anyone. I don't think. :P

sabradell: Nazis in Spaaaace! (Shoot me now)

BlueDahlia: GASP!

The SquidLord:

Semiapies: What is that noise?

The SquidLord:

BlueDahlia: Really?'s that bad they had to pimp out animals?

sabradell: Dress up as a Nazi and you have both PETA and the jewish community pissed.

BlueDahlia: And throwing kids in the mix?

The Big Leneski:

sabradell: Apparely only the Brit royal family gets away with dressing like a Nazi

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

sabradell: Do they sparkle?

sabradell: No mention of cocksucker

BlueDahlia: Rubber Duckie

BlueDahlia: Battering Ram

sabradell: Sword of Lust

Ginevra: Purple headed warrior

BlueDahlia: One-eyed Snake

Ginevra: Love stick

BlueDahlia: Eel seeking the cave

Ginevra: towel hanger


sabradell: mizuage?

Logan*: I am sure Squid calls him "tiny"

The Big Leneski:

BlueDahlia: The Weasle

sabradell: Captain Winky

BlueDahlia: Mini Me

Ginevra: Junior

Ginevra: The little head

Semiapies: Mordok the Destroyer.

sabradell: "Woman-maker"

Ginevra: ROFL

Logan*: thaaaaat's not appropriate!!

Semiapies: CROM!

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

Logan*: In honor of Rachel Z

BlueDahlia: Turkey Baster

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord: "Poon-hound."


sabradell: And not potato

Semiapies: Heat-seeking moisture missile.

sabradell: *perk* sun Chips?!?

BlueDahlia: Flesh Cannon

Semiapies: Breaker of Worlds.

BlueDahlia: LMAO

Ginevra: Third leg

sabradell: Queso!

BlueDahlia: Cream-filled Hotdog

Ginevra: Magic Wand

Semiapies: Mighty Staff.

BlueDahlia: The Elder Wand

Ginevra: Love lance

sabradell: *looks for the ice cream truck*

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:


sabradell: I call that UTI

Semiapies: UTI?

The Big Leneski: thanks Eric. Don't know why it cut off.

Ginevra: Ouch!

Semiapies: Because you're a Bolshevik, BL. :D

sabradell: Urinary Tract Infection

Semiapies: Ahhh.

The Big Leneski: well you are head crab zombie!

Semiapies: I am a zombie ghoast, screw you.

BlueDahlia: No. You'll just burn me.

sabradell: Love interest?

Ginevra: The MILF

The Big Leneski:


The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:

Ginevra: Deadpan?

sabradell: - Nick Cage losing his shit

Semiapies: Can't resist.


The Big Leneski:

sabradell: *dies* D'oh

Scottishpearl: masquerade!!!!

sabradell: He-Man is sexy and he knows it

The Big Leneski: he also knows what's goin' on

sabradell: He works out

Semiapies: For listeners at home: We've reviewed two movies this season and are using two entirely different scales. :D

The Big Leneski: that's how we roll!

StrawberryPie73: the company was the best part :)

The Big Leneski: he's amusing to go to the theater with

sabradell: That's sweet

The Big Leneski: awww, SquidxPie <3

StrawberryPie73: very amusing

StrawberryPie73: dinner was more amusing

The Big Leneski: Dinner is ALWAYS amusing.

The Big Leneski: did he talk about eating babies?

The Big Leneski: to the waitress?

sabradell: Not Calamari?

StrawberryPie73: of course

Logan*: and I saw thois trailer, as well as bourne

StrawberryPie73: actually to the hostess not waiter

BlueDahlia: Why not just make Wicked?

sabradell: As bad as "The Wiz"?

The Big Leneski: well same thing

sabradell: *perks* Lance?

sabradell: Do not make me snark vanilla coke, I will kill you

BlueDahlia: Once Upon A Time is AWESOME!!!!!!

Logan*: Next he will be watching REVENGE

sabradell: Gee, the only thing I watch on TV right now is Revenge

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

Ginevra: The only shows I'm following right now are Lost Girl, Supernatural, and Worst Cooks.

sabradell: That's kinda like James Bond having kids or something...

The Big Leneski: you mean James Bond Jr :)

sabradell: Eh?

The Big Leneski:

sabradell: I will go commit suicide now..

BlueDahlia: I semi-remember that............

sabradell: James Bond is a god..

Logan*: nick fury!!!

sabradell: You will die

The Big Leneski:½:_The_Adventures_of_James_Bond_Junior

sabradell: I hate you now

The Big Leneski:

The SquidLord:

The Big Leneski: hehe!

The Big Leneski: my work here is done

Ginevra: Grr...I've got a crazed five year old whispering over my shoulder.


sabradell: "The Story of O"

Scottishpearl: lol that was an intersting one

The Big Leneski:

Scottishpearl: it is streaming on netflix

Ginevra: It is?

Ginevra: Must go check.

Scottishpearl: was last time i saw


sabradell: I'm checking my netflix after this

The Big Leneski:

sabradell: Zombie Women of Satan was hilarious

The Big Leneski:

Ginevra: Added to my queue. Been a while since I watched "O".

sabradell: I keep looking for "The Pet" but it has always been on the DVD thing

The Big Leneski:

BlueDahlia: Any zombie bunnies?

sabradell: Only in Grant Park

The Big Leneski: I win on ties.

sabradell: With the bunnies, not against me :)

The Big Leneski:

The SquidLord:

The Big Leneski: I call a quorum :)

sabradell: You get them to answer email then

The Big Leneski: yeah you sort of have not the best STs for emailing someone back right now.

The Big Leneski: they *lose* on ties :)

sabradell: Do what I can but I dont have access to the database or their brains

sabradell: *giggle giggle*

sabradell: I need to find a good horror movie to watch soon. Insidious was done nicely but nothing since then.

The Big Leneski: Let The Right One In?

sabradell: Saw it already

BlueDahlia: That movie was not good.

BlueDahlia: Darkness Falls I mean

sabradell: Saw Darkness Falls to

BlueDahlia: Food!

The Big Leneski:

Scottishpearl: John carter?

Logan*: ghost rider AND This Means War

Scottishpearl: i want to know if this is good!

Logan*: not out yet

Scottishpearl: grr

The SquidLord: There is now mom-doing.

The Big Leneski: you're doing someone's mom again?

Logan*: march 9

The Big Leneski: That trick never works!

Scottishpearl: i'm totally going then, with newborn in-tow.

The Big Leneski:

BlueDahlia: AWWWWWW!

sabradell: I mute myself

Semiapies: Thanks!

sabradell: ~~And I ran I ran so far awaaay~~

sabradell: Being silly --->

The Big Leneski: you? Silly? Nooooo

BlueDahlia: Hell NO!

sabradell: Or there is always the Machete trailer from Planet Terror in contrast to the real movie

Scottishpearl: i hated it

sabradell: I gotta dash..

sabradell: Going to like work or something

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