EPISODE139 - Sea of Gladness

And you ain't going to nirvana or farvana; you're coming right back here to live out your karma with even more drama than previously — seriously.

Actually, more of a sea of pollen. At this rate I'll have to have the outside of the Satellite of Hate hosed off twice a day; yeesh! If my sinuses can get it together, tonight we'll be talking about all kinds of random crap. Maybe about The Pirate Bay planning to go all non-local supertech. Maybe about Tool being a bunch of tools. Maybe the coolest methods of smuggling evar -- or the worst. BailyCat SHOULD be at the bottom of the tethered beanstalk for the orbital facility tonight, so she'll be joining us IN PERSON for this untoward Hell! All this and the one, the only, the Trailer Trash where we ask the only question that matters, "What th'Hell is wrong with these people?

Scottishpearl: first one!
Logan*: I was first but had to reboot
Scottishpearl: lol
rickwall: no squid?
Logan*: he was on, guess rebooting
rickwall: oh ok
Scottishpearl: yeah, he was around on google plus moments ago
rickwall: hi squid
The SquidLord:

NascentSelf: hi
NascentSelf: whats on the menu tonight
NascentSelf: do you want me to call in or do you mostly talk ive never been to your show
NascentSelf: wait
NascentSelf: youre talking about video games the entire time?
NascentSelf: im just curious
NascentSelf: is this gonna all be video game related
rickwall: no
rickwall: don't think so
The SquidLord: I never do all video games. I do ... news. And trailer reviews. And occasionally video games.
NascentSelf: is eric here
NascentSelf: what do you take for it
NascentSelf: whats baily normally do on here
rickwall: trailer trash
Scottishpearl: there will be boobs...breastfeeding boobs, but still, boobs ;p
rickwall: opolipyse type stuff
Scottishpearl: lol
decadent_east: Hi Eric!
decadent_east: ...
decadent_east: falickle?
decadent_east: Oh Alex...
decadent_east: You're a jealous hate-satellite?
NascentSelf: hey scottish!!
decadent_east: Well, Alex doesn't ask for a lot does he?
decadent_east: Hello again, Eric.
Semiapies: Heyo.
Scottishpearl: oh we're not nice
Scottishpearl: lol
decadent_east: ...
Scottishpearl: hmmm, oddly it's been Pirate month on Nick Jr this month too....
The Denizen: Do what you want, 'cause a pirate is free...
Scottishpearl: lol
The SquidLord:
Scottishpearl: lol
Scottishpearl: unless he's a zombie
The SquidLord: Zombies never call you fat in that dress.,
Scottishpearl: lol
Scottishpearl: barcelonians aren't that smart
Logan*: yes they do, it is just not ewasily translatable......arrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhfaaaaattt arrgghhhh ugh
Logan*: be right back on audio
Logan*: back on xlite
The SquidLord:
The SquidLord:
The SquidLord:
The Denizen: I heard about that!
StrawberryPie73: I really don't need tide for that :)
Scottishpearl: another reason why i'm glad i make my own laundry detergent....
Scottishpearl: 100
decadent_east: When I was doing laundry resets for Family Dollar earlier this month, little old ladies kept coming in talking about the Tide black-market drug thing.
decadent_east: They were saying something about drug dealers taking Tide instead of money.
StrawberryPie73: yes I was involved with school work :(
StrawberryPie73: This is more fun
The SquidLord:

Scottishpearl: hills have eyes
The SquidLord:

Scottishpearl: why do they have to make things that aren't into comedies???? like 21 Jump Street
The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:
The SquidLord:

Scottishpearl: excellent find on that one guys
The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:
Scottishpearl: love netflix
Logan*: so it is low rent TAKEN
Scottishpearl: lll
decadent_east: bai
NascentSelf: nite
The Denizen: Had to take a phone call.
Scottishpearl: lol
decadent_east: ...
decadent_east: ..................
Scottishpearl: economy goes to shit, weird things become currency


EPISODE138 - Dropkick You Right in the Murphies

I'm coming now, I'm coming to reward them...

Congratulamations! You're not (currently) too drunk to read this! That's quite the accomplishment on Saint Patty's day, my friends. Look around. Is there green? If so, you need to clean up the damned vomit and take some seltzer. Dude! Tonight's covered up with the crazy; maybe there'll be inhalable caffeine if the law don't stop us, emo killin', mayhem, terrorism, and douchebags at SXSW. There's also getting crazy prepared for the apocalypse and the ever-lovin' Trailer Trash! Get ready for the action because it won't stop 'til we've painted the whole bathroom a lovely shade of chartreuse.

Logan*: When yhou were talking I got a feedback whistle. I am muted by the way

The SquidLord: Tonight's musical selections:

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:


EPISODE137 - Rhymes With "Ancient Mariner"

I've never been lost like this...but I wouldn't be happy anywhere else.

Murder. Straight-up, hardcore, bitch-slappin' murder. Is what you won't hear happening live on tonight's show. As far as I know. What you WILL hear is a lot of stuff about the end of the world, guys turning on their compatriots and dealing drugs for the LULZ, snorting Coke, and maybe even a little bit on my major if I end up going back to college. All that and the Trailer Trash list to end all Trailer Trash lists. Or whatever we can fit into the time we've got. Bring the enemies of your friends to BSU tonight!

The SquidLord: Aaaaand the room opens like a flower.

SonofRowsdower: Hello

flickguy: I'm here.

flickguy: Somewhere.

blissful_kaos: I'm in the chatroom with you all, too.


EPISODE136 - Here We Come, Stumblin' Down the Street!

We ain't drunk. We've just been drinkin'.

Despite the temptation, this is NOT the all-death show. Sure, there's daydreams, believing and lockers, and TV, Posts, and drudging it out, but there's also ... uh ... mass murder in Syria and ... er ... Violent schoolgirls? Do I even have a single upbeat story in here? Oh, yeah, Putin's penis! All that and the heavy assault of Trailer Trash, this week on BSU!

Ginevra: Should there be any audio right now?

The Big Leneski: nope. No Squid

The Big Leneski: should be now!

Ginevra: Yay!

Ginevra: Is sick. Hasn't done any homework -->


EPISODE135 - Harlots in Charlotte!

Folks, I wanna warn you - it'll turn into a ballroom blitz.




Logan*: home of The Walking Dead zombie parties