EPISODE135 - Harlots in Charlotte!

Folks, I wanna warn you - it'll turn into a ballroom blitz.




Logan*: home of The Walking Dead zombie parties



Semiapies: 123@

flickguy: Is it the Tentacle of "I Will Not Kill You"?

Ginevra: Mmm...Crew members...

flickguy: "Stuff came up" after "Sex Toy Saturday"? Squid... your word choice kills me!

Ginevra: Yaaaaay!

Ginevra: Flickie, Flickie, he's our man!

Ginevra: Being cool...


Koolguy: let's get strawberrypie73 called in

Ginevra: If you want to argue, you gotta hook a mic up babydoll. LOL

Koolguy: Why don't I get to participate in the women ideas? I feel left out immensely

Logan*: I am drinking a new item I have NEVER tried for once

Koolguy: cool

Logan*: sweet leaf lemonade tea

The SquidLord:

Ginevra: I'm actually drinking water for a change. I live on Diet Coke.

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

Logan*: i normally live on diet coke as well

The SquidLord:

Koolguy: sorry guys, someone needs computer help, gotta go

robert-carrieking99: not into diet stuff

Logan*: in reality Star Wars TOR was whispering "koolguy, come play with us" and thats why he left

robert-carrieking99: dinking coke

robert-carrieking99: will add to it later



The SquidLord:

flickguy: It's a fetish.

Ginevra: The tactical corsets look awesome.

Semiapies: 5-7-1

Semiapies: They do, Ginevra! :)

Logan*: shakes head no

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

Koolguy: back


Koolguy: decided to come back, got bored of doing tech support for the night

The SquidLord:

StrawberryPie73: that's why I would go :)

Koolguy: b right back

Koolguy: oh no...

Koolguy: from my hearing of it...-100

Koolguy: eh erm, he's back...


flickguy: Move back from the mic, Eric -- you're breathing in my ears again.

Koolguy: ugh, disturbin sight in my head

Semiapies: You know you love it - but thanks.

Koolguy: lol

flickguy: I only love it when it's just us.

Semiapies: Tsk.

flickguy: Ginevra and her maybes... ;)


Logan*: 6 out of 10

Logan*: these titan films have liam neeson, nuff said for me

Logan*: to remake

Koolguy: good show

matthewm38: bye..:)

Koolguy: I liked this episode for sure

Semiapies: +10000 points to Flick.

Semiapies: Thanks, Koolguy.

Koolguy: I am feelin some sweet emotion right bout now

Koolguy: you welcome

flickguy: Yeah, I'm awesome. ;)

Logan*: keep your emotions to yourself, sir

rickwall: me hated show bad show

rickwall: lol

Koolguy: Indeed

Koolguy: Good point logan

Koolguy: sorry

Logan*: emotions are icky

Koolguy: what u mean by that

Logan*: anytime someone tells me they have sweet emotions, I run

Koolguy: i was referring to Aerosmith's song

flickguy: You're just an emotionless bastard.

Koolguy: dont know why that creeps anyone

Logan*: no, just a plain ole bastard, no emotion to it

Semiapies: The video.

Koolguy: lol

flickguy: Exactly. No emotion = emotionless.

SeniorGrumpy: Thank you.

Logan*: misread your post, I thought you wrote emotional

flickguy: The eyes are the first to go...

Logan*: exactly

Koolguy: oh my

Koolguy: Indeed

Koolguy: that was LOUD

Koolguy: and crazy

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