EPISODE136 - Here We Come, Stumblin' Down the Street!

We ain't drunk. We've just been drinkin'.

Despite the temptation, this is NOT the all-death show. Sure, there's daydreams, believing and lockers, and TV, Posts, and drudging it out, but there's also ... uh ... mass murder in Syria and ... er ... Violent schoolgirls? Do I even have a single upbeat story in here? Oh, yeah, Putin's penis! All that and the heavy assault of Trailer Trash, this week on BSU!

Ginevra: Should there be any audio right now?

The Big Leneski: nope. No Squid

The Big Leneski: should be now!

Ginevra: Yay!

Ginevra: Is sick. Hasn't done any homework -->

Logan*: GIn, audio will nt work until the host calls in on audio

StrawberryPie73: yes

BlueDahlia: Hi Hi

StrawberryPie73: tons of sugar?

The Big Leneski:

Ginevra: Woohoo! Monkeys!

BlueDahlia: Monkeys!!!!!! XD

KibaYoukai: Monkeys!!

StrawberryPie73: I love the Monkeys :)

The Big Leneski: The Monkees.

The Big Leneski: Two Es :P

KibaYoukai: Hush, let me fail at music!

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:

BlueDahlia: What time?

BlueDahlia: Hi Squidie.

BlueDahlia: Cat Fights galore.

Koolguy: Hey all

The Big Leneski: +Operation BSU

Koolguy: nope

Koolguy: I am dissapointed, big rock show cancelled tonight at wicks pizza, dammit

The Big Leneski:

StrawberryPie73: that's a first

Koolguy: yeah

The Big Leneski: 123@

BlueDahlia: Sex toys.

The Big Leneski: yeah, we post stuff on Google +

The Big Leneski: Well, Squid does

Koolguy: cool

BlueDahlia: How about ChiChis?

Koolguy: oi

Semiapies: I always get introed last.

The Big Leneski: that's what you get for being late

Koolguy: im here too

Koolguy: just called in

BlueDahlia: Sasquatch?


Koolguy: im just uploading apple apps with some friends on skype

Koolguy: nothin else

decadent_east: ERIC

decadent_east: HIIIIIIIIII

The SquidLord:

Semiapies: PUNCHABLE.


Semiapies: Hi, Decadent East! :)

BlueDahlia: DOA for grade school?

Logan*: Mortal Kombat the Grade School Edition

BlueDahlia: Hit Girl is BadAss.

The Big Leneski: Agreed!

BlueDahlia: Mortal Kombat?

BlueDahlia: Fight Club for the little people?

BlueDahlia: BullShit!

StrawberryPie73: 5th grade should be

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:


The Big Leneski:

Semiapies: Wee Leneski, with his lecherous root-beer grip.

The Big Leneski: Oh, of course

KibaYoukai: Mmmm...root beer

The Big Leneski:

KibaYoukai: Really? Shufflin'? My friend is shocked.


The Big Leneski:


Ginevra: Take cover!

The Big Leneski:

decadent_east: What game doesn't have a trailer now?

Semiapies: Workable URL:


decadent_east: He did say full disclosure.

Semiapies: Books have trailers, hon. It's a brave new world!

BlueDahlia: YAY DIABLO!!!!!

decadent_east: Books have trailers?

decadent_east: Where have I been?

Semiapies: Not dropping by our show enough! :( ;)


decadent_east: What will I do?! I'll have to try playing not the Space Catholics.

Semiapies: "Heathens be purged!"

The Big Leneski:

decadent_east: I love purging those heathens. <3

The Big Leneski:

decadent_east: Yes, and Leneski is always begging me for resources after he blows his load on over expanding his empire. :P

The Big Leneski: Oh my resources are all over the place!

decadent_east: I don't think I want to hear the phrase "Putin's Penis" again.

Ginevra: I agree.

KibaYoukai: My friend wants evidence of "Putin's Penis"

KibaYoukai: I don't know why, and it makes me concerned for her health.

The Big Leneski: Nnnnoooo

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

Semiapies: Pixar has to feed the render farms.

decadent_east: assuming the king?

Semiapies: _Never_ assume the king!

decadent_east: I must have missed something because my first thought was along the lines of 'assuming the position'.

decadent_east: This is possibly because I read too much porn.

Semiapies: "You can't stick that there - I'm the king! ...Oooh."

KibaYoukai: I love how we've devolved into porn

decadent_east: Just like that, Eric.

The Big Leneski: It's always porn.

decadent_east: It is always porn.

decadent_east: At least when I'm around.

BlueDahlia: It's a remake.

The Big Leneski:

Semiapies: DE, :)

decadent_east: Just wait. One day you'll turn around, and I'll be there waving my BSU slash at you.

KibaYoukai: BSU slash sounds scary. Though I'm all for porn in general.

decadent_east: I keep threatening to write the 'giving Alex the banana' story.

KibaYoukai: o.o;;;;

The Big Leneski: Eric did give Alex the banana.

Semiapies: Oh, dear. He _asked_ - that's my only defense.

decadent_east: But it wasn't porn-y. My version will have all the action.

decadent_east: Quantum of Solace is such a terrible name.

KibaYoukai: Bannana is good but there are so many other good fruits that you could use.

KibaYoukai: Whatever happened to cucumbers?

The Big Leneski:

KibaYoukai: But keeping hands visible just makes them easier to tie.

decadent_east: Cucumbers are still a much valued and classic vegetable.

The SquidLord:

The Big Leneski:

The SquidLord:

BlueDahlia: What of zucchini?

The SquidLord:

KibaYoukai: Zucchini could work

The Big Leneski: The Goon:

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski: a different movie and better in my opinion!

decadent_east: They ribbed for pleasure...

decadent_east: *they are

Logan*: hmmm...when I click your link, it sent me to The Goon, as in the CGI film for the comic book movie

KibaYoukai: Well some squashes are the same.

KibaYoukai: And the bigger brand of carrots.

The Big Leneski: mine? I dropped the link for that one on purpose

The Big Leneski:

Logan*: no, alex's on g+

The SquidLord:

The Big Leneski:




Logan*: Sunday 10/9c

Semiapies: (Not that we can hear them as the music surges...)

The Big Leneski:'m_a_Believer

KibaYoukai: Yay

BlueDahlia: Much rejoicing! ^^

BlueDahlia: Bouncing Bouncing Bouncing!

Semiapies: :)

The Big Leneski: Mmmhmmm

BlueDahlia: Whenever I go out, the people always shout.

The Big Leneski: #SaveDerpy

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