EPISODE137 - Rhymes With "Ancient Mariner"

I've never been lost like this...but I wouldn't be happy anywhere else.

Murder. Straight-up, hardcore, bitch-slappin' murder. Is what you won't hear happening live on tonight's show. As far as I know. What you WILL hear is a lot of stuff about the end of the world, guys turning on their compatriots and dealing drugs for the LULZ, snorting Coke, and maybe even a little bit on my major if I end up going back to college. All that and the Trailer Trash list to end all Trailer Trash lists. Or whatever we can fit into the time we've got. Bring the enemies of your friends to BSU tonight!

The SquidLord: Aaaaand the room opens like a flower.

SonofRowsdower: Hello

flickguy: I'm here.

flickguy: Somewhere.

blissful_kaos: I'm in the chatroom with you all, too.

SonofRowsdower: Grump

flickguy: Eleventy-seven.

SonofRowsdower: Huh, huh... Number 2, huh, huh

SeniorGrumpy: Two.

SonofRowsdower: dookie

The SquidLord: [gets out the lighter]

SeniorGrumpy: Steel Panther?

blissful_kaos: Always Steel Panther.

SonofRowsdower: Aww... yeah

The SquidLord:

SeniorGrumpy: I used to see them when they were Metal Shop.

The SquidLord:

blissful_kaos: Are you saying that you saw them before they were cool?

SeniorGrumpy: They actually were cool

Semiapies: HIPSTER!

The SquidLord: I love Steel Panther, but ... it suits me.

The SquidLord: You guys are so lucky you can't hear me singing.

Semiapies: *checks some numbers* My Minecraft village is right at about 100 villagers.

blissful_kaos: Hey Eric, check your super sekrit hidden chat with me.

The SquidLord: I need to move to Vegas to be the frot of house audio guy for Steel Panther. Dream job, ahoy.

SeniorGrumpy: Semiaples, are you calling me a hipster?

The SquidLord: As if he was looming, bottom-lit, and pointing. :P

Semiapies: Or nine foot tall, metal, and covered with vines.

Nelal Hurcran: "I blew it, and it flew into my eye"

Nelal Hurcran: Great time to join in....

flickguy: This show is hawt.

flickguy: (Then you spank him like a horse.)

blissful_kaos: There's butter involved.

flickguy: It's Parkay.

SeniorGrumpy: Been caught buttering.

Semiapies: Who'd be such an asshole as to spank a horse?

Nelal Hurcran: Wait, what? I was listening to other things.

flickguy: The one riding him!

SonofRowsdower: Challenge accepted

blissful_kaos: Eric, we can call you a horse if you wanna...

blissful_kaos: I can ride and spank ya.

blissful_kaos: :-D

blissful_kaos: It's a Chinese Mute Wall.

SeniorGrumpy: \m/ Maiden \m/



Semiapies: GJ, Son. :)


blissful_kaos: I work for free... no really.

SonofRowsdower: I'm throwing away 400 VHS tapes this weekend. It must be done.


blissful_kaos: I want those tapes.

Semiapies: 123@

SonofRowsdower: They're all mass market.

blissful_kaos: ...I'm sure I can do something with them... like make a gundam.

SonofRowsdower: The real gems are the home video and cable tapes from the 80s that I'm hoarding.

Koolguy: i want to be far cooler on here. Any suggestions?

Koolguy: I feel i am not cool enough, just got that vibe


flickguy: *biting my tongue*

SonofRowsdower: Moustache, gotta rock the 'stache

Nelal Hurcran: Douche aped?

Koolguy: well I do have longer hair and a full beard

SonofRowsdower: <jealous>

Koolguy: and tall, at 6.6 and a half

Koolguy: wow

blissful_kaos: Koolguy, you're full of win.

Koolguy: Yeah

Koolguy: thank u

blissful_kaos: cooler than me at like...5 feet somethin'...

Koolguy: im 20as well

Koolguy: Wow


flickguy: Pretend?

Nelal Hurcran: Koolguy, you have to be the coolest. You're the youngest. It comes with the territory.

blissful_kaos: ...excuse me, I'm freakin' awesome.

blissful_kaos: And I'm a few scant years older than koolguy. :_D

Koolguy: i see

Koolguy: Mhm

flickguy: I love awesome freaks.

Koolguy: whats that mean

Nelal Hurcran: That she's in her mid-twenties.

SonofRowsdower: Played ME3 for 10 hours today

blissful_kaos:'s not mid... *sobs*

blissful_kaos: /faints and cries/

Nelal Hurcran: "Few" means more then three. Hence, 4 or 5.

flickguy: 24-26 is mid.

Koolguy: well I turn 21 on july 16

Koolguy: so im not far behind

Nelal Hurcran: I can't believe I'm older then you.

Koolguy: Yeah


The SquidLord: [whews and is out of the intro in 10min or so; awesome]

SeniorGrumpy: Hahahaha!

flickguy: End of the world? Pics or it didn't happen!

Nelal Hurcran: So, wait, they have to die for him to keep their money?

Koolguy: to be honest, I have had 3 or so attempts with girls and had shitty luck so far. There've been times when I just felt like quitting

Koolguy: but I didn't because i do know that I will get one eventually

SonofRowsdower: Cha-ching

Koolguy: i see

Nelal Hurcran: Ahem:

Koolguy: whatever that link is for

Logan*: I have watched two of three epis of it

SeniorGrumpy: Or maybe he should've held a Rapture-fest.

Nelal Hurcran: You can turn off the chat colors by double-clicking any message. Just so'as you konw.

SeniorGrumpy: LOL.

Koolguy: rapture fest, sounds like fun

Koolguy: Yeehaw

SeniorGrumpy: Make it Byob,

Nelal Hurcran: Oh, and this is in relation to Camping's funders.

Nelal Hurcran: And those of you who can't see the chat colors are just gonna be lost. Sorry.

Koolguy: I had a beer tonight and last night, btw. Also quite a few non-diet rootbears, just a quick update on my beverage choices this weekend

flickguy: Those people are simply losers.


Nelal Hurcran: Or lazy. Which generally ammounts to the same thing.







Semiapies: Not this guy:


Koolguy: nothin like a bit of foghat on a fun night

Nelal Hurcran: Isn't "Sabu" from Felicia Day's "The Guild"? Is that where I heard that name before?

blissful_kaos: Sabu has been around for a bit longer than the Guild I'm sure.

blissful_kaos: Slightly longer at least.

SonofRowsdower: They are.

SeniorGrumpy: misanthrope

flickguy: Expose you for REALLY being how you respresnet yourself?

flickguy: His name is Zaboo.

SonofRowsdower: Flaming dog poo?

Nelal Hurcran: Ah. Okay. Well, ignore me, then.


Nelal Hurcran: He got evicted from public housing? Isn't that nearly impossible?

SeniorGrumpy: Sounds like this guy could win the Douche Bag of the Year award.

Semiapies: Now I'm imagining drug dealers checking on the nice old lady in the corner unit and seeing how she's doing.

Semiapies: But this guy? Nobody likes him.

Nelal Hurcran: Yes you did.

Nelal Hurcran:

Nelal Hurcran:

Nelal Hurcran:

SonofRowsdower: No, it's not great.

Nelal Hurcran: I'm just re-posting Erics.

SonofRowsdower: That's the understatement.

SonofRowsdower: I like plumbing, no insects, and silence... LES FAIL

Koolguy: gonna get off phone, but i'll stay in the chat

SeniorGrumpy: Order some pizza on his credit.

flickguy: You don't like rats? I'm telling!

SonofRowsdower: What about their britches?

Nelal Hurcran: Send it to him with the message: "We See You."

SeniorGrumpy: With a kilroy logo under the message.


The SquidLord: "Be seeing you."

SonofRowsdower: Thanks for working two jobs, mom and dad... I'm learnin' stuff.

The SquidLord:

blissful_kaos: ...I'd take this course.

blissful_kaos: Because... frankly, I think this is a more useful degree than philosophy.

SonofRowsdower: Zombie consumer pattern studies.

SonofRowsdower: To the MALL!!


SonofRowsdower: Mahhhrrgret.

Nelal Hurcran:

Nelal Hurcran: Oh, dear God, no.

flickguy: IMDb > Wikipedia for actor filmographies.

Nelal Hurcran: I really doubt she keeps anybody happy by talking....


Nelal Hurcran: Meh. It's the page I had open at the time.

The SquidLord: We don't like her for her voice.


SonofRowsdower: The game...

Nelal Hurcran: You son of a......

Semiapies: I'll take you down, Nelal!

Semiapies: *flying tackle*

Nelal Hurcran: Why, Mr. Half-a-bee, how forward of you.

Nelal Hurcran: I'm not sure I'm ready for that.


SonofRowsdower: HBO FAIL

Nelal Hurcran: Does HBO still have a deal with Netflix?

SonofRowsdower: Nope

flickguy: SquidLord, you're the reason SOPA almost existed.

Nelal Hurcran: Well, that sucks.

SonofRowsdower: USENET

The SquidLord:

flickguy: Did HBO EVER have one?

Nelal Hurcran: And then Harold Camping comes out and says, "Nope, it was actually a trial of my faith."

SonofRowsdower: Shadow of the Vampire?

SonofRowsdower: SSSsssss...

blissful_kaos: Every movie he's in...

blissful_kaos: that's all I can think of.

The SquidLord:


blissful_kaos: Trailer for 4:44:

SonofRowsdower: Number 2... huh, huh... dookie


SonofRowsdower: Green skin...

SonofRowsdower: With a backpack

SonofRowsdower: Namor?

flickguy: Don't worry -- Green Arrow will take him out.

SonofRowsdower: Ugh

flickguy: *cringe*

SonofRowsdower: Carrot

Nelal Hurcran: That is a movie that I haven't seen in far too long.

The SquidLord:

SonofRowsdower: Flaming

SonofRowsdower: Let's Jew it up...

SeniorGrumpy: THANK YOU!!!!!!

flickguy: You just have to say Ben Stiller, and THAT tells me I don't want to watch it.

SeniorGrumpy: Vince Vaughn always looks like he just got up from sleeping.


SonofRowsdower: This makes you all look like simpletons... Ben Stiller is a great actor.

flickguy: Insert crickets here. (And here.)

SonofRowsdower: See above link

SonofRowsdower: Heat Vison and Jack

The SquidLord:

SonofRowsdower: You're welcome.


SeniorGrumpy: The gameplay clips remind me of Flashback,

SeniorGrumpy: but has more balls.

flickguy: Parts of that trailer makes it look like Elevator Action: Remix.

flickguy: The cop may wear a pretty dress at one point. You never know.

Koolguy: back for the end

The SquidLord:

Koolguy: had to take a few calls

SonofRowsdower: Conan fans, avert your ears

Nelal Hurcran: A Civil War general, on Mars. Fighting a war. As Superman.

flickguy: You're not alone, Kaos:


SonofRowsdower: It's older than Star Wars...

SonofRowsdower: Isn't that enough?

Nelal Hurcran: The difference between John Carter and any other action movie: Disney.

Nelal Hurcran: Which means, family-friendly action movie.

flickguy: Movie Partner and I will go see it on Monday.

SeniorGrumpy: I plan on reading the books.

SonofRowsdower: Bob Howard wants to fuck you in the ass

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord: Doesn't he work for the Laundry?

SeniorGrumpy: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

SonofRowsdower: David Cross is having a hard time eating and feeding his kids...

SonofRowsdower: Oh god

SonofRowsdower: Yesterday

SonofRowsdower: Goodnight

Koolguy: good night from my rock'n'roll

Koolguy: mr. rocknroll that is

Koolguy: hope to see you all on google plus

Koolguy: in a bit

SeniorGrumpy: Lates.

Nelal Hurcran: Hmmm.... Sleep sounds good.

Nelal Hurcran: I will join you all tommorrow.

Nelal Hurcran: In the mean time, be safe. Or at least, keep out of jail.

SonofRowsdower: I'm on G+

SonofRowsdower: Racist

SonofRowsdower: Doin' it

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