EPISODE138 - Dropkick You Right in the Murphies

I'm coming now, I'm coming to reward them...

Congratulamations! You're not (currently) too drunk to read this! That's quite the accomplishment on Saint Patty's day, my friends. Look around. Is there green? If so, you need to clean up the damned vomit and take some seltzer. Dude! Tonight's covered up with the crazy; maybe there'll be inhalable caffeine if the law don't stop us, emo killin', mayhem, terrorism, and douchebags at SXSW. There's also getting crazy prepared for the apocalypse and the ever-lovin' Trailer Trash! Get ready for the action because it won't stop 'til we've painted the whole bathroom a lovely shade of chartreuse.

Logan*: When yhou were talking I got a feedback whistle. I am muted by the way

The SquidLord: Tonight's musical selections:

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord: And Logan, you shouldn't be muted.

Logan*: and Mr. RickWall, thank you for the TMO comment on page finally

Logan*: self muted

blissful_kaos: I *am* muted.

blissful_kaos: Because I don't want to talk...ever.

blissful_kaos: After hearing this.

rickwall: np logan

blissful_kaos: Do we have a Mike tonight?

blissful_kaos: Does anyone know?

sabradell: Have to download the Shoephone.. my old computer died

Logan*: baily, what is your MC user name? We have new server and I will whitelist you since Alex's seems to have gone BOOM

The SquidLord: [jams out along with the song]

sabradell: Shoot me with this song


sabradell: I'm here.. no complaining

The SquidLord:

blissful_kaos: ...bailycat

blissful_kaos: you know, the same name that I've been using for ages. :-D

The SquidLord: [bounces around with headphones on, he feels like a real DJ]

Logan*: i could not remember if it had spapce or dash

blissful_kaos: I've been playing with minecraft fairly little lately... that whole work-n-school thing.

Logan*: you are now whitelisted

sabradell: DRUGS!!!

sabradell: I need DRUGS after that

sabradell: The strongest I have is adivan

sabradell: Who knows what the new mic will sound like

blissful_kaos: fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck party party

SonofRowsdower: Party

sabradell: Installing Showphone now.. blegh

blissful_kaos: sabra, why don't you just use blink?


SonofRowsdower: Bushmills in the glass.

sabradell: tried it once didnt work for me

sabradell: brb

blissful_kaos: fuckfuckfuckfuck party party?

sabradell: What powers that be?

sabradell: Which powers?

Nelal Hurcran: I force fed a pickled conquistador a falafel.

blissful_kaos: Jesus...

SonofRowsdower: Dude, but they've got the cool hats.

sabradell: No, not really

sabradell: Did you add the Dark Shadows one?

SonofRowsdower: Dark Shadows?

blissful_kaos: Dark Shadows *is* on there.

SonofRowsdower: [brushes teeth]

Semiapies: Or look here:


rickwall: yes thats it

SonofRowsdower: clap clap

SonofRowsdower: fap fap

SonofRowsdower: I'm usually reluctant to join in the call, when I'm drunk... doubly so.

blissful_kaos: I don't drink and chat.

blissful_kaos: ...we're not going to talk about hallucinogens and computers.

sabradell: I'm not regular.. basis

Semiapies: Tonight's Eric the .5b is sponsored (with no consideration) by:


SonofRowsdower: I'm going to eat my cat.

Nelal Hurcran: Watch as he completely ignores all us in the chatroom.

blissful_kaos: ...I'm a cat... don't eat me, please.

Nelal Hurcran: No eating pussy on the show, unless the mic is on.

sabradell: It was awful! fuck fuck fuck party party

SonofRowsdower: ha ha

SonofRowsdower: I'm married. Sue me.

sabradell: What is your net worth? Then I may think about it...

StrawberryPie73: I have several uses I have found out :)

blissful_kaos: My net worth is sad. :(

sabradell: And sneeze



sabradell: *Insert I like big buts here*


The SquidLord: She cannot lie.

SonofRowsdower: ^^^^I like men's butts^^^^

sabradell: Actually I do not like fat buts.. firm, like watching biscuits on pistons is better...

The SquidLord: I'm a warrior, too.

blissful_kaos: I like booty.

sabradell: Geratric threats!

sabradell: And I feel fine

sabradell: Woot!!!


Logan*: m e me


sabradell: LOL


sabradell: Do you have to provide your own iodine tablets in case of fallout?

sabradell: I'm moving to KS!

sabradell: Why am I thinking of "The Day After Tomorrow" and then Snowball Earth?


sabradell: WOOT!

sabradell: <3 my REI

SonofRowsdower: Sterno for the non-hobos out there.

SonofRowsdower: Arranging sticks in a small hole in the ground.

sabradell: Do not use poison ivy, oak or sumac.. avoiding belladonna and henbane would also be good

SonofRowsdower: Eagle Scout advice available upon request.

SonofRowsdower: Just peeing?

sabradell: You can manipulate your stream with labia control. It wooks

sabradell: works too

SonofRowsdower: I want details.

sabradell: *dies laughing*

Semiapies: We're getting some garbling.

SonofRowsdower: Band name alert.

sabradell: Scatology.. wow


blissful_kaos: Aton Edwards

sabradell: Take a picture of it!


SonofRowsdower: I just heard that in Arnold's voice.

sabradell: Aton is a seriously scary looking black man

The SquidLord:


SonofRowsdower: MRE veteran here...

Semiapies: Who's dedicated right now to disaster-preparedness for impoverished communities, interestingly enough.

SonofRowsdower: Had 1984 Olympic M&Ms in 1999.

Semiapies: Verdict: tasty!

SonofRowsdower: Also, gum from a late 70s Buck Rogers card pack in 2003.

sabradell: You are scaring me there!

SonofRowsdower: Tasted like Pepto Bismol and it cut my mouth.

Semiapies: You worry me, Son of Rowsdower.

Semiapies: Ow.

SonofRowsdower: @Semiapies:

sabradell: The idea of eating those things is reprehensible.. I'll gather and hunt, thank you very much

Semiapies: *quirks*

sabradell: Some MRE's are not so bad.. others.. blegh

SonofRowsdower: Yep... the sodium heating elements are fun to blow up too.

rickwall: 21st century K rations bleeh

SonofRowsdower: Don't they just eat dirt, plants and shit?


sabradell: frreze dried strogonoff.. no thanks.. unless I am starving

SonofRowsdower: Holiday appropriate trailer:


sabradell: Mass hysteria?

sabradell: ^5


sabradell: Snake Plyskin?

SonofRowsdower: PG-13? Yawn. Why is money more important than tits, ass, and gore?

sabradell: Snake Plyskin was a god amongst men.. with cigarettes...

SonofRowsdower: No. The Filipino exploitation films from the 1970s want to tell you about movies that "know what they are".


Semiapies: Trout!

SonofRowsdower: Munching and Stroke-an-off in the same sentence?


SonofRowsdower: Tom Berenger too.




sabradell: Machete!

SonofRowsdower: Sweet Sweetback?


SonofRowsdower: ...and his Badass Song?

SonofRowsdower: He had sex with Lindsay Lohan.

sabradell: a beard???

SonofRowsdower: In Machete.

blissful_kaos: A Beard!

sabradell: Oh.. ok

sabradell: It's Mitt Romney!


Semiapies: Explaining for the younger listeners:


SonofRowsdower: C'mon... Mission to Moscow Police Academy.

sabradell: The greatest actor is Fred Savage.. they proved that on Family Guy

SonofRowsdower: Trailer Park Boys love.

sabradell: Planet Crazy needs Zombie Women of Satan

sabradell: For the UK version

SonofRowsdower: Wonder Years?


SonofRowsdower: Child rape is never funny.

rickwall: no but virgan sacrofices are :)

SonofRowsdower: He needs rhinoplasty.


blissful_kaos: ^Iron Sky

blissful_kaos: Woo!

blissful_kaos: Spaceship + Nazis = WIN!

sabradell: Nazis!!

SonofRowsdower: I did Nazi that coming.

SonofRowsdower: shuffle, rimshot


SonofRowsdower: I'm not huge... just big boned.

Semiapies: I was wondering what this Kool-Aide was for...

sabradell: break out the green beer!

SonofRowsdower: Green whiskey as well.

Semiapies: "It''s green."


SonofRowsdower: Goodnight, all.

Logan*: and I am wearing my famed green ring

blissful_kaos: And the Plus!

sabradell: Does it make stuff outof thin air?

rickwall: I didn't get to say anything :(

SonofRowsdower: Nice. Racial stereotypes FTW.

Semiapies: Hush now, they're _ethnic_ stereotypes.

SonofRowsdower: Irish isn't a race, btw.

SonofRowsdower: Sorry.

sabradell: Creed :)

The SquidLord: It's a race to the bottom of the bottle!

blissful_kaos: Horrible band. :-D

blissful_kaos: ...mmmm... stroganoff.

sabradell: Keeps us from taking over the world

SonofRowsdower: We were all Yellow (strike that) GREEN.

The SquidLord: I never get enough bagpipes!

blissful_kaos: Hey Alex, can I play your bagpipes?

blissful_kaos: I promise I'll blow real hard.

Logan*: If I have the proper will power....or vicodin

Semiapies: Saying farewell to a great man:


Semiapies: He didn't always drink beer, but when he did...

sabradell: uh oh!

sabradell: later!

sabradell: kick me off

sabradell: :P

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