EPISODE144 - The Wars of Guilder, And Killing Your Wife

Down here in the Pit of Despaaaaaaaair, there's been a really slow news day. News week. Whatev. But there are things afoot in the world, and by the world, I mean Kryta. Guild Wars 2's first beta weekend eats the Squid's mind alive, as does tonight's Trailer Trash and whatever other insanity falls slap into our laps. BSU, cutting edge. Possibly serrated.

The Big Leneski: Epix

The SquidLord: This week's intro:

The SquidLord:


EPISODE143 - Rollin' Dem Headz

Tonight we're blazin' through the new hotness, and that hotness appears to be cannibalism. I know, I know, your mouth is watering even now, but have no doubt we'll feed you good on a movie review (The Raid: Redemption) and all the Trailer Trash you can cram down your gullet as well. That plus the usual band of out of control crazies at the end of a long, long day. Settle down with us. We'll work out the kinks.

Logan*: greetings true believers

x0xPiex0x: hiyas

Logan*: or should that be "excelsior"

x0xPiex0x: hiyas Eric

The Big Leneski: oh, of course we beat the SquidLord here.

EPISODE142 - Fistful of Geegaws

Change your gears, grind your box, and look for a really good massager tonight. We've got violations of your freedom of speech (and not even for fun!), extraterrestrials, Big Bangs, Killings, and a solid half hour of Trailer Trash for the best, biggest, brightest, shiniest death murder kill kill kill gut slash ... Er, sorry, my mind wandered.

The SquidLord: Tonight's intro song: Ghoultown - Fistfull of Demons

The SquidLord:

Scottishpearl: :)

Semiapies: I'm scared.

Scottishpearl: bear!

EPISODE141 - Killin' It

In a true show of solidarity with our bretheren in other worlds, tonight has a wild assortment of the twisted and the referential. We've got the death cults of Northern Mexico, at least one part of airport security working as designed but they still couldn't keep the motherhumpin' snakes off the motherlovin' plane, and the opportunity to buy something from the Hunger Games for only a little over a million dollars! All that and Trailer Trash where things just keep getting deeper and deeper in the race to the bottom of the pile! Bring a friend, tonight, you'll need the moral support, I promise.

Mister TalkShoe: Master of all Talking Shoes

SonofRowsdower: Dr. Demento

x0xPiex0x: be back in a minute having some technical issues ... go figure

The SquidLord: Nothing hurts my feelings about William Shatner.

x0xPiex0x: fuckkkk be right back .... this is annoting

EPISODE140 - Flashing All the Blade We Got

I've got a secret for you folks. It's been a crappy news week for parodists. But there has been a HUGE amount of movie releases and trailers, so all is not lost! What I do have is neo-Nazis in Austria, getting groped in the airport, a spoiler-free review of The Hunger Games, and then metric shed-tonnes of Trailer Trash! Yeah, I'm kind of excited.

blissful_kaos: Woo!

Logan*: whoo hoo

The SquidLord:

blissful_kaos: I do love this song.

The SquidLord: Everybody dance!