EPISODE140 - Flashing All the Blade We Got

I've got a secret for you folks. It's been a crappy news week for parodists. But there has been a HUGE amount of movie releases and trailers, so all is not lost! What I do have is neo-Nazis in Austria, getting groped in the airport, a spoiler-free review of The Hunger Games, and then metric shed-tonnes of Trailer Trash! Yeah, I'm kind of excited.

blissful_kaos: Woo!

Logan*: whoo hoo

The SquidLord:

blissful_kaos: I do love this song.

The SquidLord: Everybody dance!

Semiapies: But is this somehow even more intense?


The SquidLord: Reel Big Fish - I Want Your Girlfriend to Be My Girlfriend Too

The SquidLord: Holy shit, evil bird!

Semiapies: It's "Jesse's Girl" without the passivity.

The SquidLord: We save "I wanna fuck your mom" until the end of the show. We cover all sentiments.



Semiapies: Evil!

Ginevra: I spent the last fifteen minutes seeing how many trailers I could watch before showtime. LOL

blissful_kaos: Everything I do involves the words... fapfapfap...

blissful_kaos: You people are glad that I don't have a cam.

Ginevra: I got all the way down to Jesus Henry Christ then had to jump into the call.

The SquidLord:

blissful_kaos: Oh, I made it through a ridiculous amount of trailers...

blissful_kaos: but that's because Alex tells me that if I don't... he'll beat me.

blissful_kaos: No tentacle rape, though.

SonofRowsdower: North Texas is a really sad place.

Semiapies: Never been there.

SonofRowsdower: When they say "aboot" they're actually talking about boots.

Semiapies: Makes sense.

blissful_kaos: Aboooots.

blissful_kaos: *bites Eric's conquitalafel*

Semiapies: Ooh!

mistyquiet: not in the corner, just quiet :)

x0xPiex0x: Hiyas


blissful_kaos: I will not make a eating pie joke.

Ginevra: I like pie!

x0xPiex0x: nothing wrong with eating a lil pie every now and again

SonofRowsdower: Anyone collect lunchboxes?


Koolguy: hey


Koolguy: how's it going

blissful_kaos: They are not me.

The SquidLord:

blissful_kaos: I <3 my federally sanctioned groping.

blissful_kaos: It's the most action I get all year.

The SquidLord: I love it when they miss the weapons I smuggle in my tentacles.

blissful_kaos: I make sure that I put my chest in ice before hand so my nipples can cut glass when they go to feel me up.

SonofRowsdower: Dude, obviously you can just turn your fucking Gameboy on during takeoff to bring the plane down, so why bother with the bombs?

blissful_kaos: The Gameboy is dangerous.

blissful_kaos: Also, who still plays a Gameboy? Isn't it all about the DS now? :-D

blissful_kaos: Well, it's a gameboy ds...


SonofRowsdower: Right now.


The SquidLord:



Semiapies: Dangit, doubles... [Remove here]


Semiapies: (Context)

blissful_kaos: I have no thumbs. :(

SonofRowsdower: I am Sam Fisher.


blissful_kaos: Wheeeee Hunger Games!

Ginevra: Largespawn had a buddy with a birthday. Kid's mom took a carload of tweens to the drive in to watch Hunger Games.


x0xPiex0x: yeah I am in need of help

blissful_kaos: I also regularly associate with the Squid when I'm in town. :-D



x0xPiex0x: basically

blissful_kaos: Transam?

blissful_kaos: Not Panem?

blissful_kaos: Because it's supposed to be Panem... I think... it's been a while.

blissful_kaos: They don't explain that!?!?!?!

blissful_kaos: OMG! WRONG!

SonofRowsdower: Wait, are any of them black?

blissful_kaos: WRONGWRONGWRONG!

blissful_kaos: RAAAAGE!

SonofRowsdower: That would ruin the movie, amirite?

x0xPiex0x: yeah it is as bad as you make it seem

Ginevra: Spawn said he liked it. Trust him more than "critics."

blissful_kaos: I am so sad.

blissful_kaos: The books are really really good and full of good plot and explanation.

blissful_kaos: I am heartbroken... but still going to go see it.


Semiapies: or more fun:



Semiapies: [Remove double]

Ginevra: Spawn said some of the contestants actually died of hunger and/or thirst when I asked him "why."

SonofRowsdower: Wait, Rage is another Bachman book. The Long Walk was the one about the contest. Rage was the Columbine ripoff.

SonofRowsdower: Ha ha

SonofRowsdower: DD


SonofRowsdower: He was in the first one.

x0xPiex0x: yeah that was my thought

x0xPiex0x: yes

blissful_kaos: Piranha Vagina

x0xPiex0x: I would have to agree

SonofRowsdower: It's not a Mega Piranha, so it's not worth worrying about.

Ginevra: Do Not Want! But will watch clips of The Hoff.


Ginevra: The Banshee was in the box. Idiots opened the box and let her out. Duh! Find a box somebody went to so much trouble to hide -- maybe you shouldn't?



The SquidLord: Reconnecting. Brb.



SonofRowsdower: The only legend you need to be concerned about.



SonofRowsdower: As an employee of Barnes and Noble for 5 years during the Twilight days... I'm glad I didn't kill myself then, because I've gotten over it now.


Ginevra: I am currently trying to wade my way through the Twilight books. The movies are actually better so far.

SonofRowsdower: Crash

Ginevra: I must have blinked at the wrong moment. A T. Rex?


Semiapies: It's there for about as long.

Ginevra: The last of the trailers that I managed to get to. At the one I'm most likely to watch.

Semiapies: (Ginvera, your blink and the T. Rex.)


Ginevra: Good point.

Ginevra: The audio-visual counterpart to a "blurb" on the back of a book. Give me enough to know what I'm plopping down cash for. If you don't -- I won't.

Semiapies: Society, from 1989:




SonofRowsdower: Smoke/Drink break... brb



blissful_kaos: It's the part of Planet Fucking Crazy that we don't go into after dark...

blissful_kaos: It's the place where you tell your kids not to play with kids that live over there.

Semiapies: Prezactly.

SonofRowsdower: Goodnight all.

Semiapies: :D

blissful_kaos: Thank you for coming to Planet Fucking Crazy, please keep your complimentary skunk cologne. :-D

SonofRowsdower: sniff

SonofRowsdower: :p

blissful_kaos: I'm the Stewardess on PFCAirlines.

blissful_kaos: Whee!

blissful_kaos: That oxygen bag doesn't inflate with...oxygen.

blissful_kaos: It's nitrous.


Ginevra: I plead the fifth.

Semiapies: This is for Logan. Kanye + Comics.

The6thDoctor: I'm out Kids :) L8rs

Ginevra: Watched the trailer, not sure whether I'm amused, grossed out, or turned on...

SonofRowsdower: L8

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