EPISODE141 - Killin' It

In a true show of solidarity with our bretheren in other worlds, tonight has a wild assortment of the twisted and the referential. We've got the death cults of Northern Mexico, at least one part of airport security working as designed but they still couldn't keep the motherhumpin' snakes off the motherlovin' plane, and the opportunity to buy something from the Hunger Games for only a little over a million dollars! All that and Trailer Trash where things just keep getting deeper and deeper in the race to the bottom of the pile! Bring a friend, tonight, you'll need the moral support, I promise.

Mister TalkShoe: Master of all Talking Shoes

SonofRowsdower: Dr. Demento

x0xPiex0x: be back in a minute having some technical issues ... go figure

The SquidLord: Nothing hurts my feelings about William Shatner.

x0xPiex0x: fuckkkk be right back .... this is annoting

x0xPiex0x: annoying even

Semiapies: Best of luck with that, Pie.

The SquidLord:

Logan*: in honro of Wendigooo......noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

NascentSelf: it would be hard to give me a hand job

SonofRowsdower: you said, "hard"

SonofRowsdower: The Conrad Bain fan club

NascentSelf: so hard

SonofRowsdower: it's still in there?

SonofRowsdower: the probe?

SonofRowsdower: Night of the Lepus?








Semiapies: ttp://



NascentSelf: can you repost links i was kicked

Semiapies: They'll be posted on the blog.

NascentSelf: wheres the blog



NascentSelf: thx

SonofRowsdower: I want the powers of the luchador movie star Santos.


Koolguy: my dads sleeping so I cant really be on voice

Koolguy: we're in san-destin florida on the beach

Koolguy: lol

Koolguy: tons of cute looking girls here

Koolguy: lol


Koolguy: yay carmen's here

Koolguy: wow

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

Koolguy: finally moms off the phone

subtlesarcasm: afk

SonofRowsdower: Make Georgia proud, asshole.

The SquidLord:

SonofRowsdower: Bumper sticker plagiarist

The SquidLord:

Logan*: ssssssssssssss



Koolguy: snakes, oy

Koolguy: little too awkward

SonofRowsdower: how's the staff, Moses?

Koolguy: makes my skin crawl

Koolguy: Hunger games,FTW


Koolguy: wow

SonofRowsdower: waiting on the Rifftrax

Koolguy: wish I had that money

Koolguy: tours, hmmmm

SonofRowsdower: how's the food?

SonofRowsdower: snicker

NascentSelf: i used to have a snake

Koolguy: I had pasta and such at applebees, tried blue moon which was a bit strong but not bad

Koolguy: i also had water and non-diet root beer so im satisfied

SonofRowsdower: they serve Applebees on the Hunger Games tour?

Koolguy: Sorry my bad

Koolguy: just threw that out there


Koolguy: But I'd love to go to a Hunger games tour

Koolguy: was reflecting on dinner tonight

subtlesarcasm: I'm bi

subtlesarcasm: Nevermind aboutt he winning!

The SquidLord:

Logan*: my life story

SonofRowsdower: this is good stuff

NascentSelf: my brother is in a wheelchair he finds a way to get ass

NascentSelf: the premise is a little odd

SonofRowsdower: it would make me way more uncomfortable if they tried to pretend it was serious and culturally valuable.

SonofRowsdower: which they probably are

SonofRowsdower: midget dog handlers

SonofRowsdower: it doesn't get better than that

SonofRowsdower: and have giant kids


SonofRowsdower: 30 Rock, Death at a Funeral

SonofRowsdower: the man is great

SonofRowsdower: The (whispers) black version?


Logan*: and he was Mile Filch in ELF


Logan*: finch

NascentSelf: eeek

NascentSelf: looks scary


NascentSelf: nowhere lol

SonofRowsdower: a trailer that doesn't feel the need to reveal major plot resolutions... unforgivable


SonofRowsdower: gotta go folks

SonofRowsdower: have fun

NascentSelf: odd that two guys would watch a snuff film together


NascentSelf: not working

The SquidLord:

Semiapies: Thanks, NascentSelf!

NascentSelf: : )

NascentSelf: he said stiff

NascentSelf: this movie looks cute


NascentSelf: i think that skeleton joke is totally appropriate for kids

Semiapies: I agree, NS.

NascentSelf: i want to see it. that part was so funny with the shower. "what is WRONG with you people"


NascentSelf: woo!

NascentSelf: is it out now?

NascentSelf: animation does look rad


NascentSelf: that movie looks great

NascentSelf: night night

NascentSelf: no im still here

NascentSelf: awww

NascentSelf: im not your true love?

subtlesarcasm: He is his own true love.

Semiapies: He is not a robot. He is a CYBORG!


NascentSelf: i guess you bored koolguy alex lol

Semiapies: Stoni Cox, DDC?

subtlesarcasm: Stop fapping about your own show. We are here already!

The SquidLord: Fap fap.

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