EPISODE142 - Fistful of Geegaws

Change your gears, grind your box, and look for a really good massager tonight. We've got violations of your freedom of speech (and not even for fun!), extraterrestrials, Big Bangs, Killings, and a solid half hour of Trailer Trash for the best, biggest, brightest, shiniest death murder kill kill kill gut slash ... Er, sorry, my mind wandered.

The SquidLord: Tonight's intro song: Ghoultown - Fistfull of Demons

The SquidLord:

Scottishpearl: :)

Semiapies: I'm scared.

Scottishpearl: bear!

NascentSelf: you didnt introduce kool guy

NascentSelf: oh btw saint carmen is the same as the virgin mary apparently

NascentSelf: my name comes from the mount carmel

x0xPiex0x: yeah he did... you missed it

NascentSelf: oh i must have been dialing in

NascentSelf: he must have mumbled

Scottishpearl: there was a prostitution sting busted in my town this week, one of the johns was going to pay $150 for a bj....i'm in the wrong profession

NascentSelf: yeah im gonna need big time warning

NascentSelf: scottish, dont you live in a small town?

NascentSelf: bjs must be hard to come by around there

Scottishpearl: lol

The SquidLord:

Scottishpearl: interesting

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

Scottishpearl: well u gotta have guns for when the zombies come

The SquidLord: Absolutely!

Scottishpearl: they ask those questions so they can remind u of safety, ppl are so f*cking touchy about shit

NascentSelf: what? i dont understand eric, why do you think doctors should be able to ask questions that arent related to your healthcare

Scottishpearl: i have no prob with these type of questions, they are asking to know what safety concerns there r in the house so they can assist u with them

NascentSelf: yeah but what happens when they write down "mother doesnt use guns safely in house" and then your ex sues you for custody

NascentSelf: and requests medical records

NascentSelf: then uses it against you in court

NascentSelf: i dont know that i think it should be a LAW but i dont think doctors should be asking questions unrelated

Scottishpearl: i don't think they write that down, in my experience if u say yes to those types of questions they mention abt a safety measure to take

NascentSelf: ive never been asked if i own a gun but im very glad i havent

NascentSelf: im actually really surprised to hear this happens

Scottishpearl: i have, they ask things like are there guns in house, r there pets, do u have lead paint, etc

NascentSelf: jesus who keeps lead paint in their house with kids??!


Scottishpearl: lol no, if it's like on your walls or house has lead paint in it still under the other layers so we have to watch for chipping and such

NascentSelf: yeah as long as its not chipped youre ok

NascentSelf: well i dont think its a big deal if doctors arent writing that info down but i find it hard to believe they arent doing it

NascentSelf: julians pediatrian office asks me questions when i go there

NascentSelf: but they are all "have he been out of the country, has he been around anyone with TB, etc"

NascentSelf: have=has

Scottishpearl: love it

Semiapies: Someone should have reeled me in!

NascentSelf: cold light of day link no worky

NascentSelf: eric look at what i wrote

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:


Scorpio_Norcal: Marky Mark - How fucking gay!

Scorpio_Norcal: Mark Walburg is just another Jewish no talent bum. Gimme a break.

The SquidLord:

Scottishpearl: i'm off to change a diaper and play some Diablo III

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