EPISODE143 - Rollin' Dem Headz

Tonight we're blazin' through the new hotness, and that hotness appears to be cannibalism. I know, I know, your mouth is watering even now, but have no doubt we'll feed you good on a movie review (The Raid: Redemption) and all the Trailer Trash you can cram down your gullet as well. That plus the usual band of out of control crazies at the end of a long, long day. Settle down with us. We'll work out the kinks.

Logan*: greetings true believers

x0xPiex0x: hiyas

Logan*: or should that be "excelsior"

x0xPiex0x: hiyas Eric

The Big Leneski: oh, of course we beat the SquidLord here.

The Big Leneski: THE SHOW IS OURS!


Logan*: He is running a wee bit later, I was on hangout with him until 7 minutes ago


Logan*: hi valerie

Nelal Hurcran: It would be, if any of us were unmuted.....

The Big Leneski: SECONDED!

The Big Leneski: Bruce has sekret TalkShoe powers

The Big Leneski: I bet he could do it

Semiapies: It's just a quiet show.

Logan*: but if I did, then they would not be sekret anymore

x0xPiex0x: there he is :)

The Big Leneski: OH SHI-!

The Big Leneski: Take Cover!

The Big Leneski: they'd still be sekret.

The Big Leneski: He did

Logan*: i need top relog in, no audio

x0xPiex0x: Yeah Eric :)

The Big Leneski: It's Operation .5b

The Big Leneski: yes you did

The Big Leneski: Is that what the kids call it?

The Big Leneski: "boadcasting?"

The Big Leneski: Eric's line is 'Huh'

The Big Leneski: I bring nothing!

The Big Leneski: well that whole no voice thing man.

The Big Leneski: but I do have Saturday's off again

x0xPiex0x: I bring myself!

x0xPiex0x: That's enough isnt it?

The Big Leneski: he did

SonofRowsdower: Good evening everyone.

The Big Leneski: what up Corban!

SonofRowsdower: I see Mike's in here.

The Big Leneski: Have you seen my voice?


SonofRowsdower: [checks pockets...]

SonofRowsdower: Nah, not yet.

The Big Leneski: No Eric.

The Big Leneski: No.

Koolguy: ya

Koolguy: whats up...

BlueDahlia: No zombies?

The Big Leneski: there are always zombies

BlueDahlia: Tentacles too?

The Big Leneski: Squid go boom.

Koolguy: mhmmm

The Big Leneski: you're fine Eric. His TalkShoe connection went away

The Big Leneski: Introduce people!

Koolguy: ya

Koolguy: he's bak

Koolguy: i am

Koolguy: go for it

The Big Leneski: Be about it!

Koolguy: OH YEAH!

The SquidLord: BALLS IT!

Koolguy: i woulda prefered Aerosmith, but oh well this does just fine

Semiapies: Balls. It.

Koolguy: Balls it

BlueDahlia: Hannibal Lector for tips on serving human dishes.

Semiapies: He should definitely be consulted. He's old school.

Koolguy: cool

BlueDahlia: I'm sure he has a recipe book.

ETHARR03: koolguy wheres my charger

BlueDahlia: On the stairs

BlueDahlia: Ribbit ribbit

Koolguy: dunno

SonofRowsdower: He gets to sit at "the table".

SonofRowsdower: With the Koolguy(s)

Koolguy: ya

Nelal Hurcran: Speaking of: I was confused, briefly, whilst I was trying to log on tonight.

Nelal Hurcran: Couldn't find the show on the front page.

Nelal Hurcran: Then I remembered that SL rated shows don't show up on the front page......

SonofRowsdower: No couch, huh?

Logan*: shows up for me

x0xPiex0x: I am so good I have to be here twice :P

Koolguy: sweeet

Nelal Hurcran: Hmm... Must have been that the Squid wasn't called in yet...

Scottishpearl: i'm playing diablo while i listen

SonofRowsdower: I'm eating tacos.

BlueDahlia: I am a banana.

BlueDahlia: I miss playing Diablo. Which game?


The Big Leneski: I would

The Big Leneski: but that whole can't speak thing

The Big Leneski: :(

The Big Leneski: QQ MOAR!




Scottishpearl: oh sorry i speak portugues, i could have helped ya there hehe

Koolguy: this is too damn funny




BlueDahlia: Human Empanadas! What's next Organ Fajitas?

Semiapies: You don't use organ meat for fajitas...

BlueDahlia: What about brains?


SonofRowsdower: [raises hand]

The Big Leneski: I like empanadas.

Koolguy: yuck!

BlueDahlia: Yep.


BlueDahlia: Breast cheese from breast milk.

BlueDahlia: I guess roadkill was out of the question?

The Big Leneski: The Midwife Song? :D

Koolguy: sweet

Koolguy: quick show, nice

BlueDahlia: I'd rather have human sushi.


BlueDahlia: And the secret's in the sauce.

BlueDahlia: XP

The Big Leneski: I heard it tastes similar to spam.


SonofRowsdower: Keep the River on Your Right

The Big Leneski: They'll cook it in butter.

The Big Leneski: For Flavor.


BlueDahlia: I'd like some raw carnage.

SonofRowsdower: Carnage is better medium rare

BlueDahlia: I'd like it bloody.




Nelal Hurcran: AFK

SonofRowsdower: Speaking of movies. For those who remember the "Death and Cremation" discussion a while back... it's in a limited rotation on Chiller the next month.


The Big Leneski: This is the one we said was reverse Die Hard?

The Big Leneski: It is!

SonofRowsdower: The audio keeps dropping on me, so I gotta go everyone. Bye.

The Big Leneski: Later


NascentSelf: what movie

x0xPiex0x: The raid redemption

BlueDahlia: For BRUTALITY at its FINEST?

NascentSelf: dude ....

NascentSelf: student id

NascentSelf: or maitenee

NascentSelf: or different theathre

NascentSelf: theatre

NascentSelf: : )

NascentSelf: i had to fight the servers that be

The Big Leneski: later folks, food wins out over trailers :)

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

Koolguy: trailers=ughhhh

x0xPiex0x: At least I was in the hangout to watch it, it wasn't on my trailer trash list :)

Koolguy: Mhm

NascentSelf: this loooks crazy awesome

NascentSelf: some of the cg bothers me though

NascentSelf: oh wait

Logan*: I think Eric's answer was more suitab le

NascentSelf: this is a video game turned into a movie?

Semiapies: No, just a video game.


NascentSelf: ohhhhh

NascentSelf: sorry

NascentSelf: it was looking like a great movie for awhile there

Semiapies: Indeed.

NascentSelf: too bad

Nelal Hurcran: Aaaaaand back.

NascentSelf: BNNOOOO

NascentSelf: NOOO

NascentSelf: NOOOO

NascentSelf: which geeks are you fucking



Koolguy: me n ethar are watchin American Pie

Koolguy: the 2nd 1


Koolguy: on netflix





NascentSelf: why not ALL THE WAY naked

Koolguy: lol

NascentSelf: im just saying, WHY NOT

NascentSelf: all the way

Koolguy: i would take it all off...for girls

Koolguy: i am

NascentSelf: i bet

Koolguy: Yes

Koolguy: uma thurman to top it off

Koolguy: or better

NascentSelf: ?

Koolguy: lol

Koolguy: who knows

NascentSelf: OI

NascentSelf: ITS FAIR

NascentSelf: boys see naked chicks all the time in movies

Koolguy: yes



Koolguy: I'd go naked lol

Logan*: kool's already for you carmen


Semiapies: Second beer is hitting my brain.

BlueDahlia: Beer is good and stuff.

BlueDahlia: LOL!

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