EPISODE144 - The Wars of Guilder, And Killing Your Wife

Down here in the Pit of Despaaaaaaaair, there's been a really slow news day. News week. Whatev. But there are things afoot in the world, and by the world, I mean Kryta. Guild Wars 2's first beta weekend eats the Squid's mind alive, as does tonight's Trailer Trash and whatever other insanity falls slap into our laps. BSU, cutting edge. Possibly serrated.

The Big Leneski: Epix

The SquidLord: This week's intro:

The SquidLord:

The Big Leneski:




The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:

Semiapies: This is a bad review:


The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:

SonofRowsdower: Popatopolis is an attempt by Jim Wynorski (director of Chopping Mall, Piranhaconda, and almost every sci-fi skin fick you know)....

SonofRowsdower: direct a movie in 3 days.

decadent_east: It's so awesome!

decadent_east: /gross sobbing about GW2

decadent_east: MESMER

decadent_east: IT IS THE BEST CLASS EVER

decadent_east: /more gross sobbing

decadent_east: Some thigh high action.

decadent_east: Much like the original Guild Wars?

decadent_east: I hate the foozle killing quests.

decadent_east: Who said anything about dragooning, Eric?

decadent_east: The fight to survive thing is interesting.

Semiapies: I did, DE. :)


Koolguy: good evenin

Koolguy: sorry for being late

Koolguy: lol, I am stuck with Root Beer tonight

Koolguy: f-ing sucks

Koolguy: but itll do

Koolguy: i miss Sex toy saturdays



The Big Leneski: Womb

The Big Leneski: with a view !

Koolguy: wow

Koolguy: thats funny

SonofRowsdower: (why)

Koolguy: why they're making a movie on this, I dont know

Koolguy: but its creepy

Koolguy: as can be

SonofRowsdower: The Case of Benjamin Butt-(strap)-on

Koolguy: agreed

Koolguy: that'd be crazy odd

Koolguy: i agree -1

Koolguy: me


SonofRowsdower: Laserblast?

The Big Leneski: ...

SonofRowsdower: Red Dawn

The Big Leneski:

SonofRowsdower: Paul (fucking) Hogan

SonofRowsdower: Get to the Choppa

SonofRowsdower: C'mon Mike... you know that Eddie Deezen's probably dead by now.

Koolguy: me too

Koolguy: sounds damn awful

SonofRowsdower: The Wolverines put baby in the corner.

BrianM: It was no Eddie and the Cruisers Part II






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