EPISODE146 -Set Fire to Your Babies, Put Up Your Flukes

Are you ready to rumble? Yeah, you know how this plays out. We've got the best bits of irreverent news updates ready for you, as soon as you come through the door. You want more cannibalism? We've got more cannibalism! You want more Trailer Trash? We've got more Trailer Trash! You want more of the Bee and the Big Leneski rubbing their junk on the mic together? We might have that, too, but only if you promise to write slashfic after.

Logan*: can you hear me

decadent_east: I don't even know why I'm unmuted, Alex. I have no mic.

decadent_east: I have a Mike though.

The Big Leneski: nnnnnoooooo

The Big Leneski: okay


EPISODE145 - I'm Totally Clair on the Issue

You know those wild and crazy nights that happen, where you're fascinated by man's inhumanity to man, where the curtains fall and you wonder how in the Hell any of what you just saw came to pass? Yeah, just like that. Decapitation, hanging, free meth from the CIA, we bring you the most important techniques for modern life available! That includes tonight's Trailer Trash, with bits from The Dark Knight, The Devil's Carnival, Simon Pegg, high-speed fists, and, if we can get to it, time travel. Yeeeeeah, boy.

SonofRowsdower: Hello everyone!

Logan*: 'ello

Logan*: he is testing his audio

SonofRowsdower: Bakon vodka and pickle juice shots tonight.

SonofRowsdower: Thought about venturing out to get the Bongo Free-For-All comic today. Alas, just sat in my study reading old issues of MAD.