EPISODE145 - I'm Totally Clair on the Issue

You know those wild and crazy nights that happen, where you're fascinated by man's inhumanity to man, where the curtains fall and you wonder how in the Hell any of what you just saw came to pass? Yeah, just like that. Decapitation, hanging, free meth from the CIA, we bring you the most important techniques for modern life available! That includes tonight's Trailer Trash, with bits from The Dark Knight, The Devil's Carnival, Simon Pegg, high-speed fists, and, if we can get to it, time travel. Yeeeeeah, boy.

SonofRowsdower: Hello everyone!

Logan*: 'ello

Logan*: he is testing his audio

SonofRowsdower: Bakon vodka and pickle juice shots tonight.

SonofRowsdower: Thought about venturing out to get the Bongo Free-For-All comic today. Alas, just sat in my study reading old issues of MAD.


SonofRowsdower: Sorry, might be a dead link.

Logan*: No, I see it. Bongo with Comic book guy

SonofRowsdower: This doesn't bode well for my evening. Why is it that I only have network troubles once a week, during the show?

Semiapies: Link is good, SoR. And appreciated.

SonofRowsdower: The Toshiba has defeated the MacBook tonight in BSU compatibility.

Koolguy: hit it!

SonofRowsdower: Breakers of the magic wind.

Koolguy: im eating my dinner while listening to this show, my drink is diet root beer, borqs kind

Koolguy: its pasta and kraft cheese and crackers


Koolguy: angelhair pasta with chicken and broccoli

SonofRowsdower: Pastor tacos... because I'm a gringo sheep.

Koolguy: right on

Koolguy: Google+ FTW! It's always fun afterwards


SonofRowsdower: For all my Java dev brethren:


SonofRowsdower: Avengers II: Namor's Sorrow.

SonofRowsdower: Hahahaha

Logan*: Eric...the swarama is a little joke Tony Stark has at the end of The Avengers


Logan*: Hi Dear Misty

The SquidLord:

SonofRowsdower: "The sun is beatin' down on my baseball sombrero"

mistyquiet: hey :)

The SquidLord:

Koolguy: Mistey!

The SquidLord:,0,2310925.story

Koolguy: sry for the typo

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

SonofRowsdower: It was the meth he "found" in there.


SonofRowsdower: Worst. Drug Plant. Ever.

Logan*: The show will now get BETTER, as I just put on The Ring

Koolguy: right

SonofRowsdower: I just imagine him backing up from it like he saw a dollar on the street with a fishing hook and line attached.

Koolguy: and the call dropped on my end

Koolguy: callin back in

SonofRowsdower: This is why we can't have horizontal surfaces that aren't covered with vaseline in public restrooms.

SonofRowsdower: My imagination went wild with this one.

SonofRowsdower: I pictured strike-through-five counted sets of marks on the wall.

SonofRowsdower: Brooks was here









SonofRowsdower: ^^^ THE source for cartel pics and stories ^^^

SonofRowsdower: Beware... there's a lot of 404 action on the actual blog source right now.

SonofRowsdower: Hi

SonofRowsdower: Out to smoke and do some pickle juice/Bakon vodka shots... brb


Koolguy: internet failure sucks

Koolguy: sucks ass to be exact

x0xPiex0x: YES! Yes it does

Logan*: as I am....and he will not be "on the jiouce"

Koolguy: yeah,,,fucking lame







Koolguy: right on


Koolguy: yea

Logan*: HI katherine

Koolguy: YES! Katherine is here!

Katherine_Boone: I'm late! :[ Had to go to Toad Suck again.

Logan*: for the turkey leg?

Katherine_Boone: For the turkey leg. Soooo good.

Logan*: tom orrow is russo for me

Koolguy: lucky


Katherine_Boone: I'll try Russo's after my first paycheck.

Koolguy: cool

SonofRowsdower: Brian Jacques warned you all.


SonofRowsdower: You didn't listen.

Katherine_Boone: All that barking from you guys sounded like a dubstep song.

Logan*: talented

Koolguy: thats wassup

SonofRowsdower: Drop the Bass(ett Hound)


SonofRowsdower: Asian guy in prison? Did he find any meth?

SonofRowsdower: Or drink his pee?

Koolguy: trailor trash kicks ass!

SonofRowsdower: I agree.

Koolguy: ninjas, oh fuck...



SonofRowsdower: Mob of the future?

SonofRowsdower: How do you say "Terminator" in Italian?

SonofRowsdower: Dick Clark comes back from the grave to kill the ghost of Ed McMahon... in: Bloopers: Geriatric Assault

SonofRowsdower: IN. THE. FUTURE!!!

Koolguy: yeah

Koolguy: FUCK Yeah!

Koolguy: me either

SonofRowsdower: (.)(.)

Semiapies: Masturbating with Bruce Willis???

SonofRowsdower: I think I'll hang out with you guys this time... see you then.

Semiapies: Sounds good, SoR.

Koolguy: ya

SonofRowsdower: This is one of the least embarrassing chat logs I've ever contributed to...

SonofRowsdower: ...being drunk every time and all.

SonofRowsdower: Nah, I'm wasted.

Koolguy: cool

SonofRowsdower: So, do you guys want yearbook photos of Mike from the 90s?

SonofRowsdower: I guess I can ask, since he's not here right now.

SonofRowsdower: Lemme break out the scanner tomorrow.

SonofRowsdower: Broccoli?

SonofRowsdower: Does it every time.

Koolguy: i saw that movie, it was awesome

Koolguy: kicked ass

SonofRowsdower: Gotta go, everyone. Have a great evening.

Koolguy: aight

Koolguy: i would dress up as Iron Man

Koolguy: and Tony Stark

Koolguy: or either one

Logan*: I will dress up as Phil Coulson

Logan*: LMD

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