EPISODE148 - Zombies Leathered Up and Face Down

You know what I never seem to get enough of? Cannibalism. No, I'm not kidding. I'm not saying tonight is all about cannibalism, I'm just saying it's not illegal in Japan is what I'm saying. Also, fetal corpses, and putting genitals in your mouth. Also, the most addictive video game design known to man. Plus, Trailer Trash, which everyone on EARTH is compelled by. Tell your friends!

Koolguy: gonna dial in

Koolguy: hold on

NascentSelf: some stupid insect bit me

NascentSelf: damn him

Koolguy: sucks, i once got stung in the middle finger

Koolguy: and it was hell

Koolguy: but that was when I was younger

NascentSelf: there are worse places to be stung

Koolguy: im sure

NascentSelf: meow

Koolguy: dring corona extra, damn good

Koolguy: i selfmuted

Koolguy: not the best way with an autistic man in the room

Logan*: thank you

Koolguy: and ur welcome

Koolguy: dear lord

Koolguy: i was chatting here earlier

Koolguy: her

Koolguy: grabbing diablo 3 installer from my account

Logan*: still 5?

Koolguy: said heck with it

Koolguy: might as well try it

Logan*: no audio

Logan*: no music I SHOULD SAY...i HEAR BREATHING

NascentSelf: you broke it

Logan*: yes

Koolguy: horribly

rickwall: lol

Cranky Yank: hello there, fixing my sound 1 sec

Koolguy: go for it

Koolguy: ya

NascentSelf: i said yes

Semiapies: You can't hear us?

Semiapies: We can hear each other.

Semiapies: Oh, shit.

Koolguy: yay...

SonofRowsdower: Hello everyone.

Logan*: hello

NascentSelf: hehehehehe

NascentSelf: so good to hear eric talk like that

Koolguy: heh

Koolguy: this is going well

SonofRowsdower: More like Civil War amputation.

SonofRowsdower: Don't forget the drunk ramblings.

decadent_east: It's a Bee!

SonofRowsdower: ...and higher expectations.

decadent_east: Shoe phone doesn't like my mic.

Koolguy: yeah

decadent_east: It's a thing.

Koolguy: lol

Koolguy: you should

Koolguy: it'd be nice

SonofRowsdower: I want the third one.

NascentSelf: alex totally interrupted my helo

NascentSelf: hello

decadent_east: Hi, Carmen.

Koolguy: hhehehe

NascentSelf: hi who the hell are you

Koolguy: who knows

Koolguy: i've seen none from any of the girls here

Koolguy: makes me sad

decadent_east: Too many.

decadent_east: But never stops me from watching porn.

Koolguy: i do

decadent_east: True story.

Koolguy: for damns sake!

Koolguy: this is a dissapointing fact

Koolguy: installing Diablo III...

Koolguy: it takes 15.1 gig, wow

The SquidLord:

decadent_east: That's a pretty giant game.

NascentSelf: what would ever stop a dude from watching porn

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

SonofRowsdower: Something smells like Albert Fish in here.

NascentSelf: fuck alex this is gross

Koolguy: indeed

Koolguy: porn is not such a problem really

NascentSelf: yucky alex

NascentSelf: i do not approve of this story

NascentSelf: hey i had fun in thailand

NascentSelf: dont knock it

Koolguy: hehehe

decadent_east: Of course they're for black magic.

NascentSelf: i wish they just used a four leaf clover

SonofRowsdower: What is the tolerance level for nasty photos here... I'm taking a poll so that I don't get in trouble.

Logan*: playing diablo, just died....:(

Koolguy: thank god I don't sing on air.

Koolguy: It wouldn't be smart

decadent_east: My tolerance is pretty high. I'm the one who brings the pictures that make Alex go 'wtf'


The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

NascentSelf: ill be happy when the subject changes

The SquidLord:

decadent_east: I think you're going to waiting a while.

NascentSelf: im turning my ears off


decadent_east: See, I think they're aware he doesn't raise ostriches.

decadent_east: Where did they think he was getting them?

SonofRowsdower: Yeah, Nascent... maybe this link will make them feel ashamed about their nastiness:


decadent_east: Perhaps they believed he was some black market ostrich meat dealer.

NascentSelf: i wish scottishpearl was here

SonofRowsdower: Apparently not... how about this?

SonofRowsdower: A truly gruesome picture of what appears to be a fetus being cooked - [Eric the .5b]

SonofRowsdower: Warning, don't look at that.

Cranky Yank: i must say, im glad i was reminded/invited for tonights show! /SadClownFace


NascentSelf: its a stupid idea

NascentSelf: it causes insanity

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

SonofRowsdower: Only encephalitis over generations, I think.

The SquidLord:

NascentSelf: im pretty sure in the same lifetime

Koolguy: got of phone because im chatting my guild

NascentSelf: he's like morrissey

Koolguy: on The old republic

NascentSelf: although i would stop morrissey from cutting his junk off

NascentSelf: nomnomnom

NascentSelf: HAHAHHAHA


NascentSelf: lol


NascentSelf: im about to pee my pants laughing

SonofRowsdower: Penis fish

NascentSelf: what was it jesus did with like 2 fish?

Koolguy: lol

NascentSelf: was it like that?

Koolguy: mic is muted for now

Koolguy: on my Xlite

SonofRowsdower: nudge nudge

NascentSelf: did people actually eat it

decadent_east: It's Japan, Eric.

decadent_east: They don't really do the huge portions.

NascentSelf: man his junk is in high demand

decadent_east: ...

NascentSelf: lol

NascentSelf: nono

NascentSelf: keep going

decadent_east: Are you feeling a little delicate, Alex?

NascentSelf: that german guy was arrested for cooking that dudes penis


NascentSelf: well he killed the guy

NascentSelf: he watched him bleed to death

NascentSelf: after cutting off his dick

NascentSelf: while he watched cartoons

SonofRowsdower: Urotsukidoji

NascentSelf: oops sorry

NascentSelf: he was READING while he bled to death

NascentSelf: Looking for a willing volunteer, Meiwes posted an advertisement at a website, The Cannibal Cafe, whose disclaimer mentions the distinction between rea



SonofRowsdower: Gotta take a drink/smoke break and watch the last few minutes of Super Shark... be right back.

decadent_east: Unless Eric wants to do a magic ritual to reverse his bad luck.

decadent_east: Then he totally wants a cut.

NascentSelf: how much is it

NascentSelf: me wanty

NascentSelf: eric is dirty today

NascentSelf: keep it going




NascentSelf: wtf is with the cuts to a bleeding body

NascentSelf: i like when she headbangs the blond into the locker

SonofRowsdower: I'm back.

NascentSelf: lol


Koolguy: 20 minutes, ehhh

SonofRowsdower: Iron Man was "directed"?

Koolguy: feels like we've been on already an hour even though we've not for me

NascentSelf: isnt that based on the solar pulse thats supposed to happen?

NascentSelf: that would knock out power to everything

NascentSelf: in thousands of years or whatever

NascentSelf: what do people stop having babies?

NascentSelf: haha

SonofRowsdower: Wait, and that black dude from Breaking Bad was blown up, right?

SonofRowsdower: Kudzu?


SonofRowsdower: I hope you electric toothbrush fuckers are listening right now.

Koolguy: see you all at google+, i am dropping a bit early


NascentSelf: ITS MAGICO


NascentSelf: this show broke my internet

NascentSelf: your mom is nicely appointed

NascentSelf: i was gonna say that earlier but i got kicked

The SquidLord:


NascentSelf: arent they all

x0xPiex0x: Got candy??

Cranky Yank: the best raping clown in town?

NascentSelf: ew seatbelt from hell

NascentSelf: i had to turn it off sorry

Cranky Yank:


NascentSelf: or a air brush wolf

NascentSelf: an

NascentSelf: air brush would be rad


NascentSelf: and like a topless chick

Cranky Yank:

Cranky Yank: yes

Cranky Yank: assraping clown

Cranky Yank: LOL


Cranky Yank: duh!

Cranky Yank: lol

NascentSelf: is your tounge tripping over the ass alex?

Cranky Yank: haha

NascentSelf: awww

Cranky Yank: noooooooooo

SonofRowsdower: This is my shocked face.

NascentSelf: yeah im sad

Cranky Yank: lol

NascentSelf: i want his nerdy body

Cranky Yank: mmm cock



SonofRowsdower: Spent a few hours today playing Max Payne 3, so the fatigue is setting in.

SonofRowsdower: I wonder if it is worth it?

Cranky Yank:

SonofRowsdower: Gah.

SonofRowsdower: Goodnight everyone.

NascentSelf: nite

Cranky Yank: hmmm

Cranky Yank: good advice

Cranky Yank:

Cranky Yank: is me!!!!

Cranky Yank: go watch!

SonofRowsdower: And dead babies... if you dare.

SonofRowsdower: What a great show.

SonofRowsdower: I didn't leave.

NascentSelf: it was hot

Guessed: Hello everybody :)

SonofRowsdower: Yeah, gotta guzzle some beer and join you in a second.

SonofRowsdower: How "many" do you suck.

Cranky Yank: lol

NascentSelf: byebye rickwall

Cranky Yank: bye

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