Look, I know I have a reputation for covering the zombie apocalypse in progress in terrible detail, but tonight? No cannibalism. Terrorism? Not cannibalism. Teen Titans? Not cannibalism. Neo-Nazis? Not cannibalism. Not even the See to It's tonight involve cannibalism! Hurray! Trailer Trash is looking pretty sweet, too. You know you love that stuff. Bring EVERY SINGLE PERSON YOU KNOW. I promise we won't eat them.

(Sorry to disappoint certain of our fans, but an exposition character warned us that another show on rampant cannibalism would constitute a Cannibal Moon and probably trigger a zombie apocalypse.)

beezus: Hi - I don't have a voice1

beezus: That was easy for you to say!

Cranky Yank: Hi

beezus: How is "Semiapies" pronounced?

Koolguy: i will be on mute mostly, due to tired from playing Star wars old republic all day

Koolguy: with few breaks

beezus: Thanks

Koolguy: heheheh

Koolguy: good

Ginevra: I missed you, too.

Koolguy: i got Foghat on the brian

Koolguy: brain, woops

Ginevra: LOL.

Ginevra: I just watched that trailer.

Ginevra: Gonna try to log in with Pro so I can talk. BRB

Ginevra: *blink*

Cranky Yank: HI Welcome

authorette28: hi

x0xPiex0x: (.)(.)

Semiapies: I'm all confused.

The Big Leneski: (@)Y(@)

authorette28: me 2

Cranky Yank: yea h me too

x0xPiex0x: yeah mine aren't that big Mike lol

authorette28: Squid quit confusing everypne.

The Big Leneski: I've seen you in person, Pie

Ginevra: Nothing to be confused about. It's all about the boobies, no?

The Big Leneski: Tits or GTFO

Cranky Yank: cock or GTFO

x0xPiex0x: then you know :)

The Big Leneski: Elizabeth we can make that happen :)

Ginevra: Hear! Hear!

x0xPiex0x: I am with Cranky

The Big Leneski: we can trade.

Cranky Yank: :P

The Big Leneski: :P

The Big Leneski: the music is really loud

Logan*: The Train Wreck is on its way

The Big Leneski: journey into mmmmaadddneess

The SquidLord: Hmmm, I'll have to check audio levels to figure out how to do that better.

The SquidLord:

Cranky Yank: heavy breathing on mic lol

Ginevra: Just give us one good slice.

authorette28: It's low at my end.

The Big Leneski: I got excited!

Cranky Yank: lmao

Cranky Yank: calm thyself

Ginevra: Mrowr...

The Big Leneski: thinking about you + authorette + Ginevra's boobies

Ginevra: WooWoo!

The SquidLord: I'm liking the way you think.

authorette28: The Big Leneski, if only you know who this is.

The Big Leneski: It's all in good fun

Cranky Yank: tits to calm you down

The Big Leneski: I know who you are.

Nelal Hurcran: Soilent Green?

Logan*: Is he dying??

The Big Leneski: Milk. Did you ever wonder.. where it came from?

authorette28: You do?

The Big Leneski: yup.

authorette28: Aw man!

authorette28: How did you figure out who I am?

Logan*: crash.....boom......crash

The Big Leneski: it's the same as your yahoo ID

authorette28: Oh. I forgot. lol

authorette28: May want to tell Alex I'm in here then.

The Big Leneski: He knows

authorette28: lol

authorette28: Yeah. We each have two.


Nelal Hurcran:


Semiapies: :)

The Big Leneski: you know people that talk like that, don't you?

Cranky Yank: people talk like Fargo around me LOL

x0xPiex0x: I know lots pf people that talk like that

beezus: I have relatives that sound worse than that!

The Big Leneski:

authorette28: Be right back. I need to enter my kitchen.

The Big Leneski: High-Five Eric

Cranky Yank: take out people, I love to eat there!!!

authorette28: Back.

Ginevra: Holy Cow! My two year old is attempting to break through the bedroom door. Eep!

authorette28: That sucks.

Cranky Yank: are you hiding?

Ginevra: I was being quiet for a reason. It sounded like some big thug trying to bust in.

authorette28: I'm eating chocolate.

The Big Leneski: do share

Ginevra: Please?

authorette28: No way, Mike!

authorette28: This is special candy.

Ginevra: What!?!

Ginevra: :(

The SquidLord:

authorette28: You can only get it in three states.

authorette28: You can only get it out west.

Nelal Hurcran: Which states?

authorette28: Califorina, Nevada, and Texas.

The Big Leneski: what candy is this that's so special?

authorette28: seas

authorette28: sees

Nelal Hurcran: Sees candy is amazing.



authorette28: i love their chocolate lollypops

The SquidLord: Now I'm thinking about you licking a lollipop. Thankls.

Cranky Yank: omg thats what I was thinking

The SquidLord:

Cranky Yank: omfg! Kickass

The Big Leneski:

Cranky Yank: ^^ YES!

authorette28: You can't have them.

Ginevra: *giggle*

The Big Leneski: I have enough stuff to try at the moment

The SquidLord:


Nelal Hurcran: You're eating shit? What?

Ginevra: Tumeric? Ick.


authorette28: So what's this show about?

Ginevra: Thai tea or tittie?

The Big Leneski: Thai Tea

Nelal Hurcran: This show is about everything.

Cranky Yank: he wish it was titties


x0xPiex0x: Aw dayum I wanted to taste that one :(

x0xPiex0x: red fire

The Big Leneski:


authorette28: i almost pulled out my teeth.


BrianM: Just eat a Mary Jane

The Big Leneski:

authorette28: what have i done?


NascentSelf: so i come i here and youre discussing lady mints lol

BrianM: Rate it on a scale of 1 to Reggie Bar

Ginevra: I don't think it would be my cup of tea.

Ginevra: The dark chocolate Snickers sounds intriguing. If I see one I'll have to give it a try.

NascentSelf: was this part of the schedule tonight?

Semiapies: It was in the Trello.

Cranky Yank: gogogoMore!!!!

BrianM: isolate that clip


x0xPiex0x: how Ironic :)

NascentSelf: i dont think that looks very good lol

The Big Leneski:

x0xPiex0x: not to mention the pigmy in Smokey and the Bandit

NascentSelf: i didnt even let the trailer finish

x0xPiex0x: yes he is

authorette28: ive ruined the showe


Cranky Yank: Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky Must watch!

The SquidLord:

Logan*: I did not see any of the plus 2 for them all

The Big Leneski:

Ginevra: +2 As I'm probably not going to watch it, but if someone invited me to watch, I'd probably wind up enjoying it. (Guy who kills people)


NascentSelf: err



NascentSelf: nICE

NascentSelf: sims rocks


Ginevra: Sims is AWESOME

The Big Leneski: not Sims, Sins

The Big Leneski: Sins of a Solar Empire

Cranky Yank: i just built a house in sims today LOL

Ginevra: I'm a dweeb. LOL

The Big Leneski: though we'd all play a game called Sims of a Solar Empire

Ginevra: I thought the concept of linking an MMO to a TV show was exciting, but the game and show themselves looked "meh" to me. Cool idea. Wrong vehicle.

Ginevra: Wrong vehicle...

The Big Leneski: way wrong vehicle


Ginevra: Only got to the first three trailers...

Semiapies: (Sins of a Solar Empire interview)

Ginevra: The A-Team?

Nelal Hurcran: Link, Eric?

The SquidLord:

Semiapies: Link to what?


Nelal Hurcran: Need to go eat. Will join you later, if there's an aftershow.

authorette28: i need 2 go

The Big Leneski: come on yahoo!

x0xPiex0x: be there in a bit smoke run :)

willisgirl: G'Night

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