EPISODE151 - Put a Little Love in Your Mouth, Mummy!

It'll be funky tonight. You'll get up into our horns and we'll get all funky in your mouth, like any good show should! It's a three-way, three-way tonight! We know more than what bears do in the wood. And you'll get a real mouthful right at the end of the News Cycle. Plus you'll get a good, solid chunk of the best and brightest Trailer Trash in the business. Bring your friends, bring your enemies, bring your need for a good time and we'll stick it to you!

Koolguy: hey

Koolguy: eating a lot of food, so i'm muting myself

Koolguy: i always have fun on this or logans cal

Koolguy: commence primary ignition

The SquidLord:

Koolguy: spooky ass song but i like it

The SquidLord: Here Come the Mummies - Single Double Triple

Koolguy: nice my friend

The Big Leneski: so 70s!

Koolguy: 70s we're the time

Koolguy: lots of similar music and fun times

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:

Koolguy: yeah it was epic

The Big Leneski: +Operation BSU

The Big Leneski: 724 444 7444

The Big Leneski: call ID 33899

Koolguy: i like funky...

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski: witty comment!

Logan*: only thing I can say is "Squid, FUNK you"

Sarry: for some reason I now have the theatrical version of Thriller video playing in my head.

blissful_kaos: I am just sticking with being in the chat tonight. woo

Sarry: first time

Sarry: Hahahahahahaaa hey alexander

blissful_kaos: Because I don't want to forget not to hit mute and get on a good rant.

Koolguy: uh, yah

Logan*: and you are missing my wonderous intro.....the show is not the same without introing me

Koolguy: nope

blissful_kaos: I need to get to texas to make him feel better.

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:

Sarry: I normally have work etc when this is there a way to call in free Im wondering lol....should i try the talkshoe live pro one?

Koolguy: im lookin forward to that

Koolguy: very damn dead

blissful_kaos: xlite sucks as far as I can tell.

The Big Leneski:

blissful_kaos: Blink is awesome.

Sarry: or move to the USA? LOL


Logan*: page 7

Sarry: Or you can move here!

Koolguy: lord what?

blissful_kaos: Me and Pie...


Koolguy: thats better

blissful_kaos: All up in the living room.

Koolguy: i'd love hearin that

Koolguy: OH YEH!

Koolguy: i love this

Sarry: brb

Koolguy: favorite show type

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

Koolguy: sex can do that if done long enough

Koolguy: nope, definitely not

Sarry: gee the format of talkshoe pro is way different

blissful_kaos: blink is better for talking on air... and talkshoe pro sucks. :)

Sarry: didnt want to waste time right now but I will look later :-)

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:


The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:

Sarry: I aactually saw it originally here for news in australia where i am

Koolguy: british and australian women, my type and a half

Sarry: Hahaha thats what Alex tells me!

blissful_kaos: now, we're all scared of alex's junk.


The SquidLord:

The SquidLord:

Sarry: try this

The SquidLord:

Koolguy: viewing it ina few

The Big Leneski:

Koolguy: what a band

Logan*: So is it FAZZ?

The Big Leneski:

Koolguy: sex stunt man, wowo

Sarry: pmsl at the youtube vid

The Big Leneski:

Sarry: of here come mummies...

Sarry: wonder how much toilet paper they use to wrap themselves?

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:

Koolguy: heh

Koolguy: woa, nice

Koolguy: no sense, looks seductive

Koolguy: i like this

The Big Leneski:

The Big Leneski:

The SquidLord:

Koolguy: wtf!

The Big Leneski:

Sarry: scale of +1 to what? lol!

The Big Leneski:

blissful_kaos: Our rating system is -5 to +5

blissful_kaos: Of how much we want to see it...

John Carter: Something Wicked This Way Comes

The Big Leneski: garble

Sarry: ahhh the audio is breaking on me!! :-((

The SquidLord: Is TalkShoe hating us?

Logan*: major garble

John Carter: I duidn't mean to

The SquidLord: Hmmm, TS is thrashing.

Logan*: better

The Big Leneski: yup I dropped it was so bad

Logan*: it is gone again

The Big Leneski: still trashing on my end.

blissful_kaos: Yuck.

Sarry: oh it wasnt just me then? I was blaming AUSTRALIA! lol

blissful_kaos: I'll translate what Alex is saying.

blissful_kaos: He's bitching.

The SquidLord: Bzzz-robot-hmmmm.

John Carter: thank you MegaTron

The Big Leneski: close it.

blissful_kaos: Loudly.

blissful_kaos: Yeah, we still can't hear you.

John Carter: back!

The Big Leneski:

x0xPiex0x: gone again

John Carter: oh wait

blissful_kaos: At least it's the end of the show.

Sarry: gone again

blissful_kaos: It wouldn't even let me mute myself.

blissful_kaos: Talkshoe is fucked.

The SquidLord: Sigh.

The SquidLord: I see I'll be doing a hard edit.

The Big Leneski: stick a fork in us

John Carter: end of line...

The SquidLord: I think we're done here, folks. Le sigh.

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