Testing the Waters: Straight to G+!

There's a theory that Google has upgraded their Google Plus Pages to associate directly with a Blogger blog and post content over there when they're updated.

I'd like to test that theory.


EPISODE156 - BWE: Short Bastards and Self-Involved Plants

Betas. Who loves ya baby? Apparently, it's companies who want you to help you bug test and promote at the same time! This weekend is the last Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event before launch, with the Asura and Sylvari finally in. How's that going? We'll talk about that as well as other betas and Free2Plays. All that chased by the ever-lovable Trailer Trash. C'mon in tonight; I promise to use the Fist of Science!

Logan*: ok, when you nmusted or did whatever, it stopped

Logan*: muted

Logan*: if you dropped off audio, Pro shows you still there

The SquidLord: Rebooting sound capture. Sec.

Logan*: ok, you dropped and now I don't have audio. rebooting

EPISODE155 - Trailer Trash and Down, Loaded Up And Truckin'

After last week's successful Microscope Afterparty, and in honor of all this week Indie+ ( running on Google Plus, we'll be having a short show this week, just 30 minutes, and JUST Trailer Trash, so that we can head on off over to the Hangout On Air for another face-first run into Microscope! Let's jam on the trailers and then go jam on a whole new world, what say? And if it's not Saturday yet, check the Indie+ schedule to see if there are any cool panels or solid games you might be interested in.

decadent_east: Afk.

Logan*: uhh....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh





EPISODE154 - Under the Microscope and Into the Tubes

Oh, hey, right, I really need to schedule this thing. Sure, I can do that. And... stuff. You know, get all excited! Like that! Yeah! Microscope tonight, we'll be talking about it since that's tonight's Afterparty Event, along with some discussion about what to do with NEXT week's show during Indie+! Oh, yes, and Trailer Trash, that exploration of all that is good, just, and righteous about film, book, and game trailers. That could be a long list...

Nelal Hurcran: I hesitate to ask, but how bad is my sound?

The SquidLord:

TakeiG: Captain Sulu on the bridge.

TakeiG: At ease, gentlemen.

TakeiG: alright I'll be calling in then