EPISODE154 - Under the Microscope and Into the Tubes

Oh, hey, right, I really need to schedule this thing. Sure, I can do that. And... stuff. You know, get all excited! Like that! Yeah! Microscope tonight, we'll be talking about it since that's tonight's Afterparty Event, along with some discussion about what to do with NEXT week's show during Indie+! Oh, yes, and Trailer Trash, that exploration of all that is good, just, and righteous about film, book, and game trailers. That could be a long list...

Nelal Hurcran: I hesitate to ask, but how bad is my sound?

The SquidLord:

TakeiG: Captain Sulu on the bridge.

TakeiG: At ease, gentlemen.

TakeiG: alright I'll be calling in then

TakeiG: :)




Koolguy: what's up all

The SquidLord:

Semiapies: We need a picture of The Walls.

Koolguy: heh, women, as if i can never get a break...

TakeiG: Well SquidLord I'm sorry I didn't mean for my laugh to sound creepy. :D

Koolguy: that was me

TakeiG: oh dear

Koolguy: and I will be right back...

TakeiG: alright I'll be sure to tune in. as long as my husband isn't keeping me busy :D

The SquidLord:

The SquidLord: I'd say that's a fair requirement.


The SquidLord:

rickwall: ever have san migal its a philipine beer?

TakeiG: I have, Rickwall its not bad for an Asian beer :D

TakeiG: oh my....................................

The SquidLord:

rickwall: yeah a little bitter but good

The SquidLord:

TakeiG: Of course the Japanese stuff is a bit better, but its not bad at all

Semiapies: I snagged a cheap lager. Just don't like pilsners, even the snooty ones.

The SquidLord:

Semiapies: +Indie+


Semiapies: A new realm of terror dawns as Squidlord is enthused.

TakeiG: Is there a section of the show for taking calls? I'd be delighted to call in


The SquidLord: It's kind of catch as catch can as we try to avoid meandering, GT.

The SquidLord: Not ... always successfully.

TakeiG: I see...

flickguy: I'll take my mini-bagul with peanut butter and chocolate chips, please.

TakeiG: oh my

TakeiG: Well gentlemen its been nice. Captain Sulu would be happy to join you some time. :) My husband brad is coming home

The SquidLord: Been a pleasure, Takei. :)

TakeiG: See you later SquidLord ;)



flickguy: Tease.


flickguy: Now available on Netflix Instant.




flickguy: Series


flickguy: Still haven't seen the first one.

x0xPiex0x: that is a see to it for you flick

flickguy: It'll happen eventually.

Semiapies: But dude has a sports car...

Semiapies: Do we _have_ affiliated organizations?

The SquidLord: Sure. Technically, Intie+. ;)

Semiapies: Indie+!

flickguy: Y'all have fun!

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