EPISODE156 - BWE: Short Bastards and Self-Involved Plants

Betas. Who loves ya baby? Apparently, it's companies who want you to help you bug test and promote at the same time! This weekend is the last Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event before launch, with the Asura and Sylvari finally in. How's that going? We'll talk about that as well as other betas and Free2Plays. All that chased by the ever-lovable Trailer Trash. C'mon in tonight; I promise to use the Fist of Science!

Logan*: ok, when you nmusted or did whatever, it stopped

Logan*: muted

Logan*: if you dropped off audio, Pro shows you still there

The SquidLord: Rebooting sound capture. Sec.

Logan*: ok, you dropped and now I don't have audio. rebooting

Semiapies: It's very quiet.

Logan*: no audio

Semiapies: Incidental noises, now. Typing.

Logan*: typing, but no music

The SquidLord:

Semiapies: This is an inauspicious start.

Semiapies: Now, just silence.

SonofRowsdower: Heh, I thought it was just me...

The SquidLord: Problem with rebooting an audio device interface while the Blink feed is open.

SonofRowsdower: I've had some issues with this Windows box and audio on Talkshoe, so let me know if it starts and I still can't hear it.

SonofRowsdower: Pretty please.

Logan*: started

SonofRowsdower: Ha ha... I'm here.

SonofRowsdower: [Insert Quaker Guy]

NascentSelf: lol

TakeiG: Hello


SonofRowsdower: 317 tickets left, people; we did it!


SonofRowsdower: Iron Sky @ The Plaza

TakeiG: Hello young man :)

NascentSelf: haha

TakeiG: Sounds good I'll be happy to call into that show :)

SonofRowsdower: Been collecting Bat comics since the early 80s, and saw the flick earlier today.

Logan*: beam her up, squid.....energize

SonofRowsdower: Fuck... 30 years?

SonofRowsdower: The extraction hurts way worse.

SonofRowsdower: Also, is a really cool site.

TakeiG: Always happy to be here, SquidLord ;)

Nelal Hurcran: Not on the call yet, but I'm here.

NascentSelf: i got off the call but can get back on if you need my most awesome ness

Nelal Hurcran: Not as late as I though, either.

NascentSelf: :)

NascentSelf: har har

TakeiG: I've no need to see genetic female breasts

NascentSelf: genetic ones?

NascentSelf: ha

Logan*: can we say the magic words ton ight??? pickled falafals?

SonofRowsdower: I'm there.

Nelal Hurcran: .....This worries me.

bingomion: boobies :)

NascentSelf: there you go

NascentSelf: squipples

NascentSelf: squid-nipples

Nelal Hurcran: Will we get a "See To It"?

SonofRowsdower: I'M THE FANCY LAD!!!

SonofRowsdower: Nah, just joking.

NascentSelf: yes youre very fancy

NascentSelf: fancy pants

NascentSelf: separate those are good foods

NascentSelf: calamari are tasty squidlord cousins

NascentSelf: bosom


NascentSelf: tastes

NascentSelf: beverly does


Semiapies: And you are entirely correct, Nascent.

SonofRowsdower: I think "TASTE LIKE ROBUTUSSIN" is way funnier.

Semiapies: "It tastes kinda..weird."

Nelal Hurcran: I'm sure you will be playing again in a matter of a few minutes.

TakeiG: alright gentlemen... See you cuddly muffins later and look forward to calling into Logan's entertainment show. :)

NascentSelf: semiapies, you dont think it tastes like cough syrup?

Nelal Hurcran: Char.

Nelal Hurcran: Cat-cows.

Semiapies: I said you were correct, didn't I?

NascentSelf: im assuming we are both talking about beverly the coca cola drink

SonofRowsdower: I think I might be with you then, George

NascentSelf: oh i didnt see that haha

Semiapies: I've actually tasted it. It's horrible.

Nelal Hurcran: Silvari=Elves.

Logan*: Thank you M r. T, and Son too

Nelal Hurcran: Assura=Gnomes. But with better tech.

NascentSelf: i live in atlanta so yeah ive been to the coca cola museum hehe

Semiapies: Likewise. THat's where we got that clip and the "sweetness" one. :)

Nelal Hurcran: WOOHOO! Choppy GW stream in the hangout!

SonofRowsdower: Did you taste the Chinese formula, Nascent?

NascentSelf: theyre newest billboard is VERY CREEP



NascentSelf: SOR: i probably did but dont remember. beverly stood OUT

Logan*: brb

Semiapies: That's some rapeface, yes.

NascentSelf: lol

SonofRowsdower: There's something in there that makes me laugh for some reason... I don't know, a joke or something like urine.

NascentSelf: hahahahaha

SonofRowsdower: My joke failed, no?

NascentSelf: whats chinese for "yellow snow"

Nelal Hurcran: My problem can be summed up in one word.

Nelal Hurcran: "Mac."

NascentSelf: ha

Nelal Hurcran: Oh, wait. Two:

Nelal Hurcran: "Poor."

NascentSelf: who?

SonofRowsdower: Gotta go have a smoke and a drink; brb

Logan*: back

NascentSelf: i like its "spore" like qualities

NascentSelf: all the outer space stuff

NascentSelf: but i did see squid making his avatar and was also impressed

NascentSelf: HAHAHA

NascentSelf: and MIST

Nelal Hurcran: Oh, great. Fucking spiders. That just what we need.

NascentSelf: i sucked up a giant fucking spider in my apt with the vacuume yesterday

Logan*: with his fear of spiders, Eric, do you watch Spider-Man?

Nelal Hurcran: Why? Why are all the spiders fucking?

NascentSelf: lol

NascentSelf: it was fucking with my mind

Semiapies: Haven't seen the new movie.

Logan*: spider-man 3 was scary enought for anyone

NascentSelf: i will play the GIANT VACUUM who kills spider man

NascentSelf: and save the princess half b

bingomion: I gotta go mofo

bingomion: cyas

NascentSelf: hehehe

NascentSelf: you can hide in the tower


NascentSelf: with all their LEGS and EYES and tong faces

Logan*: I DO have it preordered, so I must be on

NascentSelf: my hair smells good

NascentSelf: sorry, just saying

Nelal Hurcran: Doesn't the engineer get really good support skills?

Nelal Hurcran: Water memssmer? Aren't they heavy healing?


Nelal Hurcran: Or elementalist, excuse me.

NascentSelf: you wish you had 7 inches

SonofRowsdower: Bragging about "inches" makes you a liar.

NascentSelf: haha

NascentSelf: hes been playing with his inches


NascentSelf: hahaha gorilla grass sounds cooler


NascentSelf: and SOR ftw

Nelal Hurcran: I want Jelly Beans on my ice cream.


NascentSelf: oh that scarf is nice

NascentSelf: YEAH that sounds sucky alex

Nelal Hurcran: Go to the Cloud, Logan!

SonofRowsdower: 1024, bitches.

Nelal Hurcran: ASSIMILATE!

NascentSelf: some of us dont want our info "out" there


Nelal Hurcran: Die. Die in a fire.

NascentSelf: some of us have "sensitive" material


NascentSelf: like videos...and things

Nelal Hurcran:


NascentSelf: i like my siri

Nelal Hurcran: You don't stream from the tablet.

Nelal Hurcran: You stream from the NexusQ.

NascentSelf: i have like 100 google plus numbers


NascentSelf: they should make toilets as comfortable as beds

NascentSelf: but im guessing they thought of that and decided against it



NascentSelf: how much did your tablet cost

SonofRowsdower: Fuck you Picard.


Semiapies: MEGAPIXELS!

Semiapies: (I'm the only person who loved that commercial.)

SonofRowsdower: Will I look like an ass taking pictures with a tablet?

SonofRowsdower: <See above>

NascentSelf: omg that sounds retarded

NascentSelf: i will laugh at anyone i see doing a photo with a tablet

NascentSelf: in their face

NascentSelf: and then i will push them

Semiapies: Oh, NS. I remember when all the cameras were the size of a tablet. :D

NascentSelf: my camera lens weighs 3 bls

NascentSelf: lbs

Semiapies: Nascent Self: Opinionatd and violent about it.

NascentSelf: but its not the size of a tablet

NascentSelf: lol

NascentSelf: semiapies when you get a chance let me know if youve ever had bombay sapphire gin, i wanted to buy it for a friend but never tried it


SonofRowsdower: Where, pray tell, do I find this list of trailers to review?

Semiapies: Ask me again after the show. I may or may not have any in the freezer right now.

NascentSelf: !k

Nelal Hurcran:

Nelal Hurcran: He has a playlist on his channel.

SonofRowsdower: thanks

Semiapies: Helps if you spell it right, Nelal. :)

Nelal Hurcran: Meh. Spelling is for those without editors.

Semiapies: *looks for your editor*

NascentSelf: i dont like the way that game looks

NascentSelf: guild wars looks much smoother

NascentSelf: too choppy/cubey

SonofRowsdower: Shut up... Cel Damage was the best game ever.

NascentSelf: to me it looks like it was made years ago

NascentSelf: if that makes sense


NascentSelf: its like the beginning of firefly

NascentSelf: ..kind of


SonofRowsdower: Fuck you Cap'N Crunch

NascentSelf: this looks funny

SonofRowsdower: Cookie?

NascentSelf: ok maybe a little too much fake blood for me but looks funny

SonofRowsdower: I WANT COOKIE!!!

NascentSelf: cut shot to spikey sushi

NascentSelf: HI YA

NascentSelf: THE ATTACK OF


SonofRowsdower: Somewhere, Lloyd Kaufman is weeping.

NascentSelf: love the concept

NascentSelf: "they come" "they eat" "eat"

NascentSelf: watch what?

NascentSelf: i give it an AB+

NascentSelf: as in blood type


NascentSelf: that robo movie is a horror movie alex, me no can watch

NascentSelf: warm and fuzzy like a bear

SonofRowsdower: THIS FALL!!!

NascentSelf: hmmm

NascentSelf: i dont need to watch this trailer to know it sucks, i saw the first 15 sec

SonofRowsdower: hyperventilation then BOOM

NascentSelf: that was enough

NascentSelf: there was an episode of the dresden files that had a darkness just like this

SonofRowsdower: Trinity?

NascentSelf: but dresden files is way cooler

SonofRowsdower: Babby daddy, sun, and Hooooly shiat.

SonofRowsdower: You know, the trinity.

NascentSelf: eric that would be a bummer ending


NascentSelf: i like the tv series

NascentSelf: what were you talking about

NascentSelf: you know i didnt see that though

NascentSelf: -----555555

NascentSelf: lol

NascentSelf: zing


SonofRowsdower: Oh yeah.

NascentSelf: yeah its a film that WASTES YOUR LIFE

NascentSelf: i can already tell this movie looks better

NascentSelf: shot way better


NascentSelf: EEEEEE

SonofRowsdower: I'm already there.

NascentSelf: this looks great i would totally watch it

NascentSelf: +3 maybe more

SonofRowsdower: Yeah, I'm watching this.

NascentSelf: lol

NascentSelf: squirt

NascentSelf: YEAH

NascentSelf: best part

NascentSelf: half b


NascentSelf: haha


Logan*: ohhhh so it batman then

NascentSelf: i said +3 maybe more

NascentSelf: i thought this movie looked great

NascentSelf: but odd

NascentSelf: and a little confusing

NascentSelf: it could go VERY BAD so im not sure

NascentSelf: how did you get a love triangle from it?

SonofRowsdower: Hey, indifference and apathy is the life blood of hipster cinema.

NascentSelf: i got kind of a "enternal sunshine" feeling from it but without the real substance

NascentSelf: the main male character is really ugly too

NascentSelf: hahaha

Nelal Hurcran: So is she.

NascentSelf: the japanese part is very confusing

NascentSelf: and not in an interesting way

NascentSelf: i still think it could be a good movie. sometimes the trailers really misrepresent so maybe +1/2

SonofRowsdower: It would take some pretty graphic nudity to make me like this.

NascentSelf: you hate this trailer more than the darkness dead people one???!!

NascentSelf: lol

NascentSelf: someone should push them in the darkness

NascentSelf: maybe we can push hipsters into darkness in a mashup of the two movies

SonofRowsdower: Ghosts can't wear fake glasses.

NascentSelf: lol

NascentSelf: sure would

NascentSelf: patent pending


NascentSelf: did you jerk off in the darkness after we talked?

NascentSelf: see how much better that sounds

Semiapies: *dies at NS*

NascentSelf: HAHAHAHA

NascentSelf: I KNOWWW

NascentSelf: 3rd base!


NascentSelf: hahahaha

SonofRowsdower: I like the laurel wreaths around the fucking backwoods horror site review quotes.

SonofRowsdower: They make it totally classy and reputable.

NascentSelf: yeah jerky cam sucks

NascentSelf: i like how they compare themselves to paranormal activity...

NascentSelf: as if THAT was a good movie

NascentSelf: lol

NascentSelf: im with eric all the way on this one

NascentSelf: lol

NascentSelf: yeah im all about jumping on shit

NascentSelf: i have no idea it looks so bad its like they didnt finish the movie and just threw shit together

NascentSelf: for the trailer

NascentSelf: hahahaha burn the bell

NascentSelf: they should call it GOING DOWN UNDER IN DOWN UNDER

SonofRowsdower: Goodnight, everyone. Got to get drunk and watch Rifftrax.

NascentSelf: yeah that was bad, but i laughed

NascentSelf: nite

SonofRowsdower: slurp

NascentSelf: if something chases me in the dark im fucking outta there duuuuuude

NascentSelf: my friend scared me by jumping around a corner with a monster mask on once and i punched her in the FACE

NascentSelf: for real

NascentSelf: ive been to sydney

NascentSelf: its not as nice as other cities there

NascentSelf: like a BIG KNIFE

NascentSelf: night vision goggles

NascentSelf: lol

NascentSelf: OMG

NascentSelf: freudian slipppp

NascentSelf: ok i need to cry now eric that was so funny

NascentSelf: let eric scare it off with his violent homos

NascentSelf: hahaha

NascentSelf: -5

NascentSelf: -5 violent homos

NascentSelf: i guess

NascentSelf: i hated it ..apathetically

NascentSelf: when you hate everything it becomes normal

NascentSelf: also why would you hold on to a camera if youre being dragged

Semiapies: Dude is on cue!

NascentSelf: it doesnt make senseeeeeeee

NascentSelf: or was it? i dunno i didnt watch

Semiapies: Bingo, NS. We could not figure out how the camera was being dragged along, and we wasted two minutes brainstorming it.

NascentSelf: lol!!

x0xPiex0x: lollies :)

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