BSU Live! Turn On Your Torchlight, Pirate 19th, and Other Spackle!

Saturday night is alright -- for fighting! And murder! And the most exciting transmedia call-in talk show on the surface or immediate orbit of the planet Earth.

Tonight’s Spackle includes but is not limited to:

And … er … some other stuff, I’m sure. Somewhere in here.

Random links!



Mike has decided to See To It with four delicious flavours of Pringles:

  • Loaded Baked Potato +1
  • Cheeseburger +4
  • Frank’s RedHot Wing Sauce / Buffalo +4
  • Habenero Salsa +2

Eric is seeing to these two entrees:

Tonight’s Trailer Trash, however, is glorious in all the ways glorious things should be. The link:

And the movies!

As always, check out the movie trailer list before the show, straight off YouTube, and weigh in with your opinions and ratings on the Squid Lamarckian-Dillante Scale of -5 to +5, with the dreaded Zero Goose Egg and the worst possible result right in the center!

10pm Eastern, Saturday nights, they will always be ours.