BSU Live! Spiky Balls, Online Conventions, and Sectoids!

Holy crap, we take a week off from the show, then we drop back in and shake up the nature of things by scheduling some kind of interview? What fresh Hell is this? We’re going to talk about Indie+ 2, the week-long online G+ gaming convention put on by a bunch of hoopy froods, grouse good-naturedly about the state of the world where I’m not up for election to my sixteenth term as World Dictator, then jump straight into some kind of radical talk called _Trailer Trash_ where there’s a tonne of electric awesome in movie and video game trailers just waiting to get exposed to the light.

It’s like we’re being all professional or something. I don’t know, guys, this is pretty crazy.

Tonight’s Spackle includes but is not limited to:

Tonight’s Trailer Trash, however, is glorious in all the ways glorious things should be. The link:

And the trailers!

As always, check out the movie trailer list before the show, straight off YouTube, and weigh in with your opinions and ratings on the Squid Lamarckian-Dillante Scale of -5 to +5, with the dreaded Zero Goose Egg and the worst possible result right in the center!

10pm Eastern, Saturday nights, they will always be ours.

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