BSU News and Reviews YouTube Playlist Now Live! Starring Rock 'N Ribfest @ Lawrenceville, GA!

Last weekend, The Big Leneski and I dropped in on a local food festival, the Rock 'N Ribfest, and did what we do best: make huge annoying pests of ourselves and ate entirely too much food.

But that's OK, because we came away from it with a whole pile of interviews and live food reviews shot on site, right there, as it happened! Which explains the terrible sound quality as things go on, and if you're very attentive, you'll notice that my exposed flesh gets more and more red as things go on because brilliant me forgot that going out during the day without my SPF 2000 sunblock inevitably ends badly for me.

Very badly.

On the plus side, you get to see some of our first experiments with two-camera interview shoots, which I hope to become a far more frequent pleasure in the future as I bang out some guidelines for the cameramen on who shoots what and when.

Also note that you didn't mishear, that's me out there in front of the camera, not the Big Leneski as is customary. I typically try to never, ever appear in front of a camera. Ever. It's just too horrifying to be allowed on a regular basis. But since Mike was slacking off -- the skiver -- it was in my tentacles to actually interview people.

Don't get used to it. [shudder]

There are seven interview/review segments in the lot, including the following places:

If we missed you at this year's Rock 'N Ribfest, we apologize with mighty and vast earnestness, but there was only so much room in our gullets. If you'd like us to come by your place of business, eat free food, and then talk about it in public, feel free to get in touch with us at this address and we'll try to make a special trip out to bother you where you work and give you international exposure. While I get free food.

Everybody wins!

-- Alexander "SquidLord" Williams

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