Streamed: Castle Story in Appalacia

I decided to do a bit of livestreaming of the Alpha 2 release of Sauropod Games' Castle Story, mainly to be able to say "I dood it," but also because it occurred to me that it made far more sense if Castle Story were happening in an alternate Appalachia instead of the implicit alternate Euro-fantasy, and I had exactly the right background music for that!
  • The Pine Box Boys
    Because murder ballads and sexually ambiguous creatures-formed-from-crystal-and-clay are ideas that belong together in front of us! Murder ballads!
  • Bourbon Crow
    From murder ballads to what Joe Poole does when he's not tearing shit up with Wednesday 13. Imagine country music made by someone who thinks Marilyn Manson is kind of a poncy poseur. Yeah. Perfect for building castles in pine forests to!
I'm really rather pleased since I figured out a lot about how to create externally wrapping staircases and fairly large platforms. Next up, I'll be making some large, flat islands to construct somewhat larger buildings on. You need space to work on things like full towers and walls with crenelation.

I seriously dig Castle Story. I can't wait for it to move forward enough to be the multiplayer RTS Minecraft it promises. I'm such a god-complex geek.

Watch live streaming video from operationbsu at

Watch live streaming video from operationbsu at

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