[700 Horsepower] Coming Up to Date with the Characters

Sifting through the rubble, sorting through the glass, and figuring what that last race actually got you.

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FAME! I’m Gonna Live Forever!

The last game really ended up throwing down some crazy action, with the locals being utterly outclassed by our well-honed team of racing fanatics. Or fanatics. Or just crazy people. Whatever.
This is what it looked like for the poor bastards playing along at home.

Machinas. It’s a Hell of a thing.
That’s what happened. What does it actually mean, though?

Counting the Fame

The first step in figuring that out lies in simply figuring out who got how much Fame for coming in where they did. It is, after all, a race and that implies coming in first means something.

Who Came in Where?

The final race order (and car Entry Costs) look like this:
  • Presley (EC: 23)
  • Okie (EC: 19)
  • Jason (EC: 20)
  • Turtle (EC: 11)
  • Winnie (EC: 6)
Followed by the destroyed opposition:
  • Focused (EC: 24)
  • Bumper (EC: 21)
  • Slow (EC: 13)
  • The Overcompensator(EC: 14)
  • Cruise (EC: 14)
Which is, all told, not inconsiderable business.

How much is it worth?

Quoting from p24 in the Machinas text, we have:
  • Every Driver starts with a Fame of zero.
  • You will receive 2 Fame Points for every car you beat in a race. However, if the car has a lower Entry Cost you receive only 1 Fame Point.
  • You lose 1 Fame Points for every car that beats you in a race. However, if the car has a lower Entry Cost you lose 2 Fame Points.
So, counting it off …
  • Presley: Beat 9 racers (+9), but only one had a value over his (+1). FAME 10
  • Okie: Lost to one racer with a higher EC (-1), but beat 8 (+8) with 3 having a higher EC (+3). FAME 10
  • Jason: Lost to two racers, one with higher EC (-2) and one with lower (-1), while beating two racers with higher EC (+4) and 5 with lower (+5). FAME 6
  • Turtle: Lost to 3 racers, all with more costly cars than his (-3), but beat 5 cars with higher ECs (+10) and one with lower (+1). FAME 8
  • Winnie: Lost to 4 racers, all with higher ECs (-4), but beat 5, all with higher (+10). FAME 6

Burning Fame

Pretty good standings after a single race, frankly. And here’s the payoff, you can spend that Fame in order to increase Attributes.
  • For every five Fame Points you can increase one Attribute by one point.
  • Once you have used the Fame Points subtract them from your current Fame.
  • You cannot have any Attribute more than two points higher than the lowest Attribute.
  • Seeing how the maximum Attribute is six it is possible to have excess Fame Points that you do not use.

How Presley Got His Groove Back

So, just to demonstrate how you can spend your Fame, I’ll do Presley’s now.
I’ve got 10 Fame to burn. Current Attributes are SAV 3, TEC 4, SPD 3. I know that Speed needs to get kicked, so I burn 5 on that, taking me to SPD 4 and letting me burn up the straight-aways like a bat. I’m also big on Technical driving, so I burn 5 more on TEC, taking me to 5. And that’s my 10.
Presley didn’t see any need to cannibalize any fallen enemies, so he’s still rolling with the same ridiculous load-out. Of course, higher Attribute totals are going to mean higher ECs in the next race, making it even harder to gain Fame in the long-run compared to his lower-EC team-mates, but them’s the breaks, right?
Final EC is a crushing 25.

Things Players Need to Do For EC

  • Update your sheets with:
    • Spent Fame,
    • New Attributes,
    • Final Fame remaining.
Don’t forget to track your total Fame in an ongoing sense, too; you might need to brag to someone.

Salvaging What You Can

Which brings us back around to figuring out what to do with the poor wrecked sum-bitches you guys left in your wakes.
One might gather from discussion that you guys wanted the Big Rig for yourselves.And there’s some other discussion after that, but I’ve had a couple weeks to cogitate and crunch on the salvage process as well as a hard study of the rules as written.
I think this is going to be how it falls out:

The Big Rig

Since the driver actually survived, you can’t have the Big Rig frame. I mean, after all, that would be kind of a huge douche move, leaving another driver high and dry in the middle of nowhere without even the shell of a ride.

The #12 Pickup

The driver of the #12 Pickup died like a dog, however, and that thing’s totally takable. It will, however, lose both the Big Slab and the Spiked Wheels due to the crash, leaving it with Twin 50’s, a Box of Nails, Old Tires, and being a Clunker. On the up-side … that’s not a terrible deal as it drops a big 5 honkin’ weight in doing so, making it handle slightly less like a barge. As I recall, Okie was looking at being the guy that wanted that ride.

Salvage Selection

In a rare fit of sanity, and kind of stealing the role of GM which I’d thought to be able to put away forever, I’m going to better interpret the Salvaging:
The team that raced gets to choose, as a group, one item from each of the wrecks from that race. Allocation is up to them.
So, in this case, we have 5 wrecks, and one of those frames is a fatality that’s going in toto to be reclaimed. So, of the remaining 4 wrecks, here’s what remains:
  • Sedan
    Spiked Wheels WT1 COST+2
    Armored Seat WT2 COST+2
    Box of Nails COST+1
    Big Slab WT4 COST+3
  • Big Rig
    Twin 50s WT3 COST+1
    Spiked Wheels WT1 COST+2
    Spiked Ram WT4 COST+2
    Armored Seat WT2 COST+2
    Box of Nails COST+1
    Big Slab WT4 COST+3
  • The Overcompensator
    Spiked Ram WT4 COST+2
  • Pickup
    Spiked Ram WT4 COST+2
Work it out amongst yourselves (in the Comments below); Presley doesn’t have a particular need. All the stuff damaged in their wrecks has been pulled already, so that’s the goodies left. I’m pretty sure Winnie wanted a Box of Nails extra lying around, as I recall. Maybe Okie needs something extra for his salvaged ride?

die Zukunft

So – where does that leave us?
  • Players need to do their Fame spends to increase Attributes
  • Figuring out this month’s Involuntary Encounter and what to do about it
  • Getting prepped for this week’s session of 700 Horsepower: Microscope

I Didn’t Volunteer For This!

Since the team was racing this month, that was their Voluntary Event – but time isn’t always exactly what we wanted. Stuff comes up we don’t want, don’t like, or don’t care about. Even when you’re living out of your beat-up patchwork cars roaming from town to town engaged in wholly legal deathracing.
What’s this month’s Involuntary Encounter? Let’s find out!
Huh. Well, the dice really hate you guys. It needed doubles, and I got them twice – so there’s something bad happening to you out there in that little po-dunk Wasteland town you’re hanging in. What is it?
Bushwhack (p66, AtH). Hmmmm. Somebody wants to not play nice with you guys. You guys are in this nowhere Settlement on the edge of fuck-all and (1/2d6) three guys think they have the stones to pop on you out of nowhere.
Oh, those poor bastards.
I guess we know what we’re playing the following Saturday after the Microscope session! After the Horsemen!

Things Players Need to Do for the Invol

  • Figure out who’ll be there
    • If you’re free for a pretty tight session of AtH in a couple weeks, leave a Comment below accordingly, per usual, ipso facto, etc etc.
  • Check Lack of Sleep (p47)
    • Give me a 2d6 roll
    • That’s your number of hours’ sleep. If < 7:
      • Give me a 2d6 roll vs your Rep and we’ll see how badly you’re messed up
  • See if Winnie is stoned out of her gourd
    • I need a 1d6 roll from Tod.
      • If it’s > 5:
        • Stoooooned as fuck on bee venom.
        • Give me another 1d6 to decide the actual effect.
      • Otherwise, still probably stooooooned as fuck, just not enough to make a difference mechanically.
See you guys on Saturday, voot!