Descent vs Sub-Level Zero: Trailer Fight!

The ships of Descent 3. Hint:
They are very maneuverable.
Look folks, the truth is that videogame trailers are very delicate art, and not every company has the chops to do a good job of it. Do you want a fine example of some of the best videogame trailer action ever put to VHS?

Let's talk about Descent.

Listen to those buttery vocals. Revel in the sheer, unadulterated action being presented to your poor eye-holes. Gasp in shock at the revelation that Descent 3 is "modem compatible!"

No, seriously – this is an awesome trailer. It's got high-energy, it shows you the game, it sounds like the creators are excited about the project, there's no question about what kind of experience that it provides. It is almost impossible to beat this experience, even when you are trying to replicate this experience.


Kickstarter Heads-Up: Void Destroyer 2

Void Destroyer 2 follows in the footsteps of the original Void Destroyer while adding a larger, more sandbox environment around what is essentially a hybrid first-person/third-person arcade-like space combat simulator with Newtonian physics and some of the crunchier aspects of space sandbox simulations.

Which is a pretty complex idea to get across, frankly. As a reviewer and a curator, games like this are a solid pain in the ass to communicate about because they just don't conform to easy packaging. The first Void Destroyer provided me the same sort of difficulty, because in actual play it was sort of a hybrid of your traditional third person space exploration/combat sim and Homeworld, with its ability to pull the camera back and control entire fleets in a real-time strategy style. If you see it being played, you get it. If you're just told about it, things are complicated.