REALPLAY - Space Engineers - Planets, we gots 'em. Plus special versions for those with short attention spans.

It appears that Keen Software House has finally stopped saying "soon" and gotten around to actually updating Space Engineers with planetary environments. I had the great pleasure of watching the entire livestream earlier today, during which they actually released the patch onto Steam.

It just wouldn't have done if I did not immediately turn around and do my own livestream of SE, with a particular focus on – me bubbling around like an incompetent.

This probably comes as no surprise.

However, I'm well aware that not everyone has the patience to watch 30 minutes of a brand-new, exciting, possibly psychically damaging video. Luckily, Microsoft has come to your rescue. Yes, Microsoft! Because the hyperlapse has become "a thing," and I've never been one to pass up on the opportunity to explore the strange outer reaches of video technology, it seemed obvious that I should put together my own work with that of Microsoft in automatically creating and presenting the hyperlapse.

30 minutes too long? For some of you it is. For those people, I present – everything above, except eight times faster!

Was that fast enough? No? Are you having trouble making it all the way through this post because there are simply too many words that take too long to read? Was nearly 5 minutes simply more time than you had?

I've got your back. Here's everything from above, no commentary, no game sound effects, just some good old-fashioned rock 'n roll and epilepsy-triggering visual stimulation at 16 times normal speed. That's 1 minute 37 seconds of pure, eye gouging, space engineering, hyperkinetic goodness.

There you go. That's as good as it gets.

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