Born in the Metal Wars of 2007, Operation BSU was conceived and driven by one overarching, needful end:

Not to be boring as shit.

With that in mind, the crew began to self-assemble under the cruel and calculating iron-tentacle of the SquidLord. Methods were created and just as rapidly discarded. Interviews were done and international superstars both repulsed and horrified. An idea crept upon the world and glared with threatening intent.

Original blog content lived on LiveJournal until the time of the First Migration (many glox learned what it was to roast in the belly of the Slarg that day, I can tell you) whereupon all moved to the new world, Posterous, along with the content of chat logs and links to shows. Now, the Third Migration is upon us and we have forced our way upon yet another Google commodity, Blogger! All hail the conquest of the new world!


  1. So explain to us unedumacated souls: How is this the THIRD migration if you've only migrated twice? Is there an unreported migration you did not report above?

    1. There are some things man was not meant to know, my good sir! Mind's melt, souls burn, and eyes fall right out of the skull!

      We do not speak of the Second Migration. No good can come of it.

      Also, why have you nae been on the show? The Big Leneski has secretly lusted for you in his heart!